Thursday, December 17, 2009

Inching along

The Subway socks are already 5 inches long! I know, it doesn’t seem it—partly it’s the contrasting cuff, and partly is the shape. I cast on 64 stitches, and have decreased twice, to bring the count down to 60 (my ‘usual’ number!) So the upper edge is wider than average, (and create the illusion that the sock is shorter than it actually is.

That is one full yarn stripe repeat, you are seeing (and a few rounds of repeat 2)

If things progress at the same pace (and no reason to think they won’t!) I’ll be starting the small side gussets (I’ve learn to always add these for afterthought and short row heels—it improves the fit immensely) and working the row of waste yarn for the heels.

I know technically, if I plan ahead, and put in waste yarn, it not an afterthought heel—(its is an aforethought heel!) but lets not quibble!

Also inching along--because I am not making progress at the rate of 12 inches (or 1 foot) is the 2 row scarf—No photo (cause really, it just more of the same stuff, and while the colors are changing, a striped scarf, is pretty boring) has grown from 24 inches (2 days ago) to just past 32 inches (8 and them some inches longer!)

Maybe I’ll take a photo tomorrow or Saturday—once it becomes long enough to wrap around the neck of my manikin. I have water aerobics tonight, but I still will have time to get some knitting done.

It’s still not clear if I will be able to get the desired 70 to 72 inches of length from the 2 skeins (I really don’t want to buy more, but I also don’t want a short scarf!)

And checking out Jo-Anne’s on line, I can’t even find the yarn—I wonder if other were as unhappy as I am with the worming, and the yarn has been discontinue.


gayle said...

Sounds like you're footing rather than inching! (Sorry. I can't help it...)

Anonymous said...

Wow! That scarf seems to be growing and growing.