Saturday, December 19, 2009

More (and Less) of the Same.

Still working on the 2 row striped scarf—last night in got 6 (not 8 inches) completed. So there is MORE—only there is less more.

Same with the sock—I worked on it going home, but didn’t have a seat for a while, and while I got some more done, I got less done than the day before(not quite a full repeat of the stripe pattern.)

I finished off the stripe repeat this morning (and I am posting this morning because I am at work this Saturday morning, and I always make blog posts at work.)

One stripe repeat is about 2.75 inches—2 repeats will see the end of the Foot!—or the striped part of the foot. The afterthought heel will add over 2 inches, and the toe, an inch and some—(3.5 or so between them) and I only need a total of 9 inches. So really, even with scant progress, they are moving along at a pace!

In this image here, I’ve stretched out (and pinned) the little gussets so you can see them clearly—they give the sock at this point the look of a pair of Jodhpur, but once the heel is knit, the little gussets will snuggle into place and be less obvious.

I don't think I'll get the full repeat done on this afternoons commute, but likely I'll be snowed in (and won't head out to Sunday's knitting Sabbath at the Panera's in West Babylon) and will make some progress (on something!)

And then there is the scarf. Every time I knit a scarf, I swear it will be my last—and then a week or two later (it seem, and in this case it is!) I start another!

This scarf is now (in a week!) 46 inches long—and it’s still not boring me to tears.

I am still thinking about a finished length of 70 or more inches—not thinking, OK, so I could get by with 60—a 5 foot scarf is plenty long enough.., Maybe 56? Who needs a long scarf anyway? I am itching to start the fair isle tams, but the scarf is still commanding my attention—quite a feat!

I am still enjoying knitting it—and goodness knows, it is the simplest most boring knitting—every row, K1, S1—But the colors and the changes make it fun. There are places where the colors are so completely different—and a few rows later, almost the same… but then another 2 rows, and the colors diverge again.

I am working on a size 6 (4.25mm) needle, but loosely—the yarn worms and wrinkles with the slights pressure—and getting 6 stitches per inch (24 rows over 10cm)

At this point, the loosely balled skeins have fallen apart—and yarn tangle a bit. A mesh bag—not quite a yarn bra—but close, is doing the job to keep the yarn from being coming a completely tangled mess. A few more rows and there won’t be any of the skein—so I can manage.


Anonymous said...

I hear you with the yarns at the end of a striped project... sometimes, I bite the bullet and untangle everything, other times, I just let things get messier until there is no more yarn.

gayle said...

I'm so intrigued with your little sock-gusset trick. I'll have to give it a try. I've always stuck to flap heels, because the fit of short row heels was just *wrong*...