Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Nothing doing (and nothing to show!)

It all caught up to me last night.
Wednesday’s pre thanksgiving feast, Thanksgiving, travel, work, Knitting Sabbath, (in West Babylon) and work again on Monday.

Last night I was chilly-- down right cold, and soon after Jeopardy, (one of my TV addictions) I got in bed, pulled the covers up over me to warm up—and I took a 2+ hour nap. Not the smartest thing to do, to nap from 8 PM to 10:30 PM! I had trouble falling back to sleep at a proper hour—but in all, I got a full 8 hours of sleep—and feel rested today. (I always feel cold when I tired)

So nothing got knit—(and nothing got photographed)
Well, nothing on Peachy got knit. A few rounds of the Purple Petal socks got done on the way home.

Some more fair isle—note lower case—not proper fair isle the kind Alice Strathmore would recognize as Knitting in the Fair Isle tradition, but some simple color work. These socks have a Latvian braid edge—but they are not going to be done in a Latvian style, with some decorative bandings, and some color work—similar to, but not quite Fair Isle—a very American sock –taking bits and pieces of different traditions!

I had a wonderful dinner though! I bought some premade (from the grocery store, not take out) Indian food stuff (pav bhaji—mashed vegetables in a spiced sauce)--warmed it up, cooked some rice (the extra rice will re-appear later in the week as pseudo (homemade) Chinese food) and defrosted some precooked chicken.

I used the pav bhaji as a sauce –and vegetable dish. The package said “delicately spiced” –well maybe for natives of the Asian subcontinent is was delicate—for me, it was HOT and for the most part, medium is plenty hot for me.

Actually, the seasoning was in some ways, delicate-- it was flavorful (and low if not completely turmeric free) and the heat was slow to develop—there was lots of flavors—not just hot pepper. But by the end of the meal, I was most definitely feeling the heat! (not enough that an hour later, I was chilly—see above!)

I went looking for a web site—but couldn’t find one. (I bought a second package of the same brand—but different dish—I don’t remember the Hindi name for it—but it is made from chick peas—(cooked, ground, and then made into little balls (something like falafel)) in a spiced gravy. I hope this second dish is as good as the first—and that Waldbaums continues to carry these foods.

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teabird said...

So sorry you're not feeling well - maybe we'll heal you at the next Sabbat. Uh Sabbath.