Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Passionately Purple Socks—Perfection!

Complete with toes, and all the ends woven in.

I love them. They whimpered and wanted to be worn today—but I am not listening. I am going to enjoy them in there pristine state for a week or two.

NEXT YEARI’ll wear them next year (what’s that, 15 days or so from now?!) how time flies!

They will look better after a washing and blocking. The yellow chevron pattern is a bit wonky at the ‘side seam’ (where I changed from needle to needle) It’s stretchy enough (it’s some of my best color work!) but the tension is just a hair off—and the stitches aren’t perfectly formed.

The cuff detail isn’t exactly as I envisioned it—Everyone who sees it likes it, (I like it!) but it’s not what I thought I was knitting.

It’s quite nice, but not what I wanted or expected. I will try again with tiered double cuffs of Latvian twist—maybe when I get around to knitting with some of the pink sock yarns --I have some hand painted pink (Flamingo-is the color and I forget the brand (I spend more than I should have, and have a mental block!) And some JoJoland (Melody? Harmony? The sock weight stuff) in shades of dusty pink, and 90% (more than enough!) of a skein of Lion Brand sock yarn in ‘Cotton Candy’—(quite an assortment of pinks for some one who doesn’t much like pink, or own much in the way of pink clothes!)

Last night, while I had the tapestry needle handy, I wove in the 3 tails on the City Socks—the cast on tail, the two tails from changing yarns—and then knit a few rounds (the marker indicated the BoR and the progress.)

There will be more tails to weave in, in time, since these socks are slated (pun there—the yarn color way is slate!) to have black heels and toes, too.

When I’ve finished them, I’ll have extra yarn—(the slate) and will use it to make a pair of black and slate fingerless gloves (short ones) –striped most likely. I have a few skeins of solid black sock yarn (Why? I hate knitting plain black socks!) And some left over white (from the Passionate Purple socks) and with solid black, solid white and the self striping slate, there will be plenty to do something!

I have left over purple too—not much—but enough to trim some future pair of socks. I love left over scraps of yarn—it creates so many possibilities!

I am working Saturday this week too, so there will be some extra knitting time (commute) for the socks—and plain knitting goes fast. The stripe pattern will keep it interesting, (as will the contrasting heels and toes)

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I love those socks!