Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Wooly Bully

Does your yarn speak to you? Does it order you around, demanding to be knit, and insisting on being a hat, or scarf, or sweater?

Mine does. Not all the time—and not always insistently –but some yarns are bullies, and order me around, demanding not only to be knit, but how to be knit!

Other yarns just murmur, making soft suggestions about their fate.

Some yarns are shy, and hold back, reluctant to say exactly how they should be knit up, and what their future should look like—but the can exact the tyranny of the weak, and be just as demanding as yarns that loudly bully.

My purple socks are passionate bullies. The keep on insisting on details I had no idea about incorporating—the cuff and legs are just over 4 inches long now, and finally settling down to quiet satisfaction—though they express a good deal of dismay this morning about being photographed

They are put out that I worked 2 lace repeats on Peachy’s sleeves last night—they really thought the time would be better spent doing some finishing work on them.
(Small bits of color work still generate LOTS of ends for weaving in!)

I did my best to tuck away the tails and ends, and make them presentable for their photographic debut—they have been camera shy until now—and were reluctant to be photographed today--but put on a good face, and semi cooperated.

This is how they are looking now. I had considered some fleur-di-lies (instead of the checkerboard and chevrons) but they were disdainful of my suggestion--
(Do we look like Irises? No, so why would be interested in stylized iris designs?)

I am not unhappy with the progress so far—but I had no idea that these socks would end up looking this way when I cast on! This wool has been bully from the first start!

Peachy, by comparison, is very mellow. It's quite content to be knit (or not) to be photographed or not—but as I approach completion of the 7th lace pattern repeat, is has suggested, ever so gently, that 8 repeats will be too short a sleeve, and surely 9 or 10 is a much better number—
Not that I have to, of course, but there is plenty of yarn still left in the skein, and even with the extra repeats, the sleeves won’t be full length, just 3/4th length, not 5/8th, and 7/8th still wouldn’t be full length, and perhaps should be a consideration!

Sometimes I wish my knitting would just shut up!


teabird said...

I truly hope my stash never speaks to me. It wouldn't speak. It would SHRIEK.

Judy said...

Our knitting does keep talking and it leads us on to discover new skills and color combination. Yeah!

gayle said...

I've got a lot of yarn clamoring for attention right this minute... If only I could knit more than one project simultaneously. Maybe if I learn to knit with my feet...

Anonymous said...

They look great so far. It's not fair to deprive them of attention ;)

UnderMeOxter said...

You made me laugh out loud. How I empathise!

Unknown said...
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