Friday, January 22, 2010

Back On Track.

The Detour is complete… Well almost complete—all the knitting is done, and most of the finishing, too

The Detour is a hat (A Hat? Really? Wow what a stretch—a hat!) One that is a knock off (Rip Off) , oops, I mean Rib Off.

This image, (from last night) was taken when a half dozen more rows (all decrease rows) needed to be knit.

It is stretched slightly--and clearly, the top (the garter stitch crown) is not too much bigger than the ribbing--and is not/will not be to poofy.

Since then, I’ve finished off the decreases to the crown, and picked up the stitches from the cast on edge knit the tab, woven in all the edges, and sewn on the button.

All that remains is a pompom.

JelliDonut got me started on it. She wanted a pattern to make the hat (well one of the hats) being worn by the lead character of the new TV show “Life Unexpected”

Here is the image of the hat that started it all.

It’s a pretty simple hat—(but it took me 2 tries to get it right) and it will be up on Ravelry by Monday--January 25th--(maybe before) as a Download.

I was going to make it a free pattern, but in light of the current conditions, I decided instead to make it a donation pattern—The price is a bargain $3—with all the proceeds going to Haitian Relief fund.

The hat has two versions—one with a detailed cast on—and one with a very simple cast on—(an inferior one for the purpose—though perfectly serviceable.)

I think, for hats, where the cast on hangs around your face, it is important to have the best possible cast on. In this case, the cast on is the only thing that is at all difficult. It is just a cast on—didn’t you have a New Year’s resolution to improve you knitting skills? Well here is your chance!

Work at the cast on, get it right, and from there on, the hat is knitting 101—And cute as cute can be.

So now it’s back Blackjack socks, and at home, back to the fair isle tam.

But the detour has been fun—and it’s helped me with one of my New Years resolutions—More patterns documented and offered for sale!


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Coo! You're the best!

Virginia G said...

That is so cool! Please remind us on your blog when the pattern goes up for sale!