Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bad Blogger—

I wrote a post yesterday—but it was fluff.
Well mostly fluff, with a few links to hid the fact it was fluff. And, then, worse—I never posted what I wrote.

It was fluff because I had no photos (and um, I know I dislike post with out images, and I don’t like to make blog post with out them.) It had no photo’s because I had nothing to photograph.

No significant progress on anything. (and only a little progress to report today!)

I had hoped that by today, I would have a finished pair of Blackjack socks, but they still need toes to be knit.

See, I did make some progress! And the stripe is working out nicely—or well almost nicely. The toe will be worked in the main yarn (the stripe patterned sock yarn) , but the pattern is going to be the solid black stripe (and will match the solid black –contrasting solid black) heel.

The striping has gone off—the socks started at almost the same point of the stripe pattern, (maybe a few inches off) but a few inches later (by the heel) the patterns were not even (then about 3/ 3.5 rows out of sync) now, they are 5/5.5 or so rows out of sync.

I think this is one of the major differences between expensive (and often, but not always imported) self striping yarns and the less expensive ones. The expensive yarns have better quality control over the tension as the yarn gets dyed, and the stripes are much more likely to be identical, batch after batch in the dye lot.
(The ‘fair isle type’ elements are better, too)

Though, looking now at the label, I see that the Red Heart (a Coats and Clarks brand) Heart and Sole yarn is produced in Italy!—I guess I am thinking of the Coats and Clarks brands that are produced in Germany!
Since Kroy’s jacquards are also imported (from Canada, but made in Turkey!) and they too suffer sometimes from divergence. Its not a major issue for me. I see socks a ulititarian objects, not works of art.

In person, it’s very clear the heel is knit in a different yarn.. the black is a much darker, more saturated, evener black. The Kroy is also a bit heavier—(not a bad thing for a heel!) and the gauge is oh, so slightly different But then, most of the heel is the flap, and the flap is worked in Heel stitch, which has a different gauge anyway! –the difference is most notable at the bottom of the foot—after the turn when I returned to the Heart and Sole—Or the bottom of the foot of the sock-- and no one is going to notice a slight change in gauge there.

So that’s it—a few inches of the foot of the sock knit. Not much knitting, not much to blog about!

But I am thinking about knitting.. the Ravelympic's are coming up!


Virginia G said...

I thought you were talking about bad blogger as in the crappy program that blogspot gives us. :)

It's not been picking up on a lot of my favorite blogs for their new posts, which is irritating. Apparently it's also been doing that to me.

Anyway, love the socks. Fluffy posts are just fine. I totally agree about feeling bad about posting without pictures, but I'd rather see a post with no pix, than no post at all.

fab said...

I just posted on my own blog about some Austermann Step that was poorly dyed. The only thing I can think of is that a small section of the yard got "stuck" in the dyer/roller and got all of the dye destined for a much longer stretch of yarn. (not sure if I've posted the pic yet!)

Thankfully, it was on the instep part and the DH doesn't really care. But think how ticked off one would be if he/she were doing a sweater! Grrrr. :P

Anyway, love your blog, love your socks, love the mitts, love the projects. Keep up the good work!