Saturday, January 02, 2010

The Count.

I wrote this post Saturday--(and forgot to publish) updated in red)
I counted again, yesterday.
The total was number of hat stands at 87.

That doesn't include:
These 2 double knit headbands... 2 (knitting finished, but not blocked)

or this hat (1/3 or so done) (this hat is finished)
or Tracy's hat (blogless, but on Ravelry) hat.
Or ThekniftyKnitter's hat,
or TeaBird, (Melaine) hat. (I have in hand--finished--but not photgraphed.)
or Robyn's (WeeballYarns) contribuion of 4 (I plan to see her today)
Or put another way, by Tuesday, I know I will have 10 more Hats!

which brings the total to –(and I hope there will be more!) 97!

So I definitely have to get to work, finish the one I am working on, and get another one finished!
I have some hats (MY HATS) that, in a pinch, can be tossed in..

Ideally, I would like to have 1 or 2 extra—simple because it's a new year, and new month, and people move.. (so the enrollment of 105 is likely to have changed over the winter school break.)

It's been suggested that plain hats would be faster to knit.. (and it actual time, it might well be true!) but I bore easily, and the fun of knitting a double knit, jacquard pattern (OK, stripes aren't much of a pattern!) make the knitting seem quicker!)

There are a number of plain hats...but I really enjoy knitting patterned ones. I want to knit good thoughts and pleasure into each hat I knit. So more often than not, Its a not a plain hat!

(I do knit plain hats, but most often for a purpose.--not for pleasure.)

PS--the pattern for the double knit headband will be available for a free down load for the month of January--then it will be for sale.(NOT YET!--still tweeking the pattern)


Virginia G said...

I am somewhat in awe of your speed knitting there. I am so slow and pokey. Must learn to knit faster...

Anonymous said...

An impressive total! I love the picot on the headbands.