Tuesday, January 19, 2010


OK, so on the way home, I worked on the Blackjack socks—(and this name so works—I am knitting them 2 at time, cuff down—or doubling down on the socks!)

A few rounds of the gusset are done, and I have reached the end of the color –now and inch or two of plain black –the black stripe on the foot will be a bit shorter—I still have 14 more decreases to do on the gussets—the sock (leg) was knit at 64 stitches, (so the flap was 32 stitches, and 32 rows, and that meant 32 +2 stitches picked up—34 total—so the deep flap generated a deep gusset!
But it’s all fine! Look I even have photo’s!

Meanwhile, there was this detour.

Let me start out by saying.. We all have innate skills—our minds are all wired the same—and slightly differently—some –Mozart comes to mind—have musically skills beyond the ordinary (some, like me, are tone deaf) Some have a proficiency for language (Hi Melanie--) and are reading in preschool.

Me? I learned to read in school –not before it—and while I did well once I learned –I was not precocious.

But when it came to knitting—well it took me a few months to get it (about 6 months) but then—once I got it. Well I GOT IT. Nothing about knitting is difficult for me. I don’t make a point of specializing in EVERYTHING—but I can do everything (well everything I’ve tried I can do... and I have tried just about everything.) I can look at most knitting and see how it was knit—and copy—always the general design, frequently special details, and often the exact stitch.

So my detour—is a bit of reverse engineering—it’s a rip off... Oh wait let me rephrase that—it’s a Rib Off! Of Troy’s Rib Off.

At a glance, I could spit out general directions for the reverse engineered knock off I am working on-- but –I decided to go all out, and
1—Make a proper pattern
(This is one of my goals for New Year –to document more patterns so this detour isn’t really taking me somewhere I don’t want to go!)

2—Knit and photograph as I go.

So last night I cast on...
See? Oh, you can’t really understand what you are seeing? Ha! Too bad! You’ll have to wait!

And made some progress (what you are seeing is roughly 6.5 by 11 inches... and about 60% or so percent done)—(Did I say 11? Well it does measure about 11 inches) --Hard to see what it is? Well no wonder, the image is blurry! D'oh, did you think you'd get a really good hint?

Oh, yeah, did I mention? I am an efficient knitter—I don’t make speed a goal—it’s a side effect of minimal movement and years of practice--so this is just about 3 hours of knitting--and by far the 'hardest' part of the project. The remaining knitting is so much easier!

This detour is a bit more detailed then my off the top of my head comments on re-engineering a pattern… and my plan is that by tomorrow—this space will have all the details—the Pattern—already out lined—should be available tomorrow too—But only on Ravelry—So if you aren’t there yet—get going!

(have some coffee and JelliDonut, while you are there!)


Anonymous said...

I wonder if you have seen the most amazing cardi on Brooklyn Tweed's blog? It is stunning and yet no one seems to have a pattern for it. Someone knitted this years ago and it is just the most beautiful thing ever, and all knitters must yearn for the pattern me included. Could you copy and write up something like this? I think you would sell it like a hot potato. Put me down as No. 1.

Date of BT blog entry is 9:15:2009

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to know what this is.

Virginia G said...

Ooh, super cool. I am 100% behind your documenting your knitting as you go. Fascinating!

I'm right there with you about the innate skills thing. I think it's also a matter of motivation. I'm pretty learning disabled (dyslexia, etc) but learned to read long before I was in school.

Same with knitting. I didn't get it for years. Crocheted my little heart out, and did not understand knitting at all. Tried and failed numerous times (probably around 20-30 times, honestly).

Then a little over a year ago, the light of the knitting angel came unto me and said "GO FORTH AND KNIT"

or something.

I have no idea why I decided to teach myself to knit, but I did, and I love it, and I picked it up super fast. And I'm pretty fearless, except when it comes to socks.

I know there are things I don't know how to do yet (hey, you like how I manage to make all my comments about myself?) but I'm not really worried about them. I'm truly enjoying the process of picking up new skills.

Anyway. Phew. Sorry about the long response.

JelliDonut said...

O.K. You've hooked me--can't wait to find out the purpose of that stitch holder. Thanks for posting your process. I always think I will remember how I created something. Yeah, this really works for somebody who can barely remember what day it is. Pay attention, Jelli D!

Thanks for the shout-out.