Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The end of the Skein is coming…

Last knit at LICKnit night, there was lots of activity—books where shared, FO, too, and progress.

Kim (blogless Kim, aka “Boss” (she is my direct supervisor!) aka kls1004 (on Ravelry) took center stage—She had Nicky Epstien’s book Knitting A Kiss in Every Stitch—and while I am a general fan of Nicky’s—this book was amazing—not one or two things I liked, but LOTS (and lots of patterns too, over 35!)

Nicky always makes an effort to jam pack her books value— Why hasn’t this book been screamed about? It has lots of simple pattern—with the fine detailed touches Nicky is famous for—and some wonderful, ideas for hats, for scarves, for toys and clothing. I have a Barnes & Nobel gift card sitting in my purse—and clearly, I need to get to a B & N and spend it.. (OH, yeah, another Nicky touch—the price… Her books are a value.. ($25, (a gift cards worth!) not $29 or more! Knitting book (along with knitting!) have been resurging –an prices are going up and up—but this books is a value item. Nicky can be found (very infrequently!) on Ravelry now, too.

Kim also had a FO—Melissa Wehrle’s (NeoKnits on Ravelry) new Mary Jane hat.

Kim too, was seduced by the Silk Kid Mohair (Melissa likens it crack—Knitter's yarn crack! (There are some yarn/fibers that are like that!)

Me? I plodded along on my scarf—Dana saw it for the first time, and was amazed—(It does really looks and feels wonderful for a yarn that is 75% acrylic!)

The stripes, too are nice—and the color balance/color changes.
I left early (parking issues!) but not before I had 66 inches! And at home, another 2—just 4 more inches and I’ll have 72! 6 feet!—a long scarf for someone who professes not to like scarves much!

The skeins is rapidly coming to an end—but I don’t think I’ll run out before reaching 72 inches--my mental goal for this scarf—and maybe even a bit more. I have a few yards put aside from the beginning of this skein—I made a small effort match up ONE of the colors as a changed skeins—and just using the colors left in the skein I have an idea about how much more I can knit.

This scarf will be finished just in time for this weekend thaw. By Friday, winters grip will be eased, and daytime temps will once again be close to 40°--and while night time temps will be colder—they won’t be bone chilly teens! (or worse single digit temps!)


Virginia G said...

Love that scarf, although honestly, it does look somewhat boring to knit. It'll be gorgeous when it's done.

I'm running out of steam on my husband's sweater. I figure as soon as I'm done with this one I'll start up another, and hopefully I will have finished it by next winter.

gayle said...

Thanks for the heads-up on the Epstein book - I hadn't heard of that one. Will have to go look into it!
Glad your weather is breaking. We're still looking at *months* of winter up here...