Thursday, January 21, 2010

Familiar Territory?

(Gee didn’t I post a picture just like this a few days ago?)
Not quite 6 inches yet, (5.5) and yes, I think 6 inches is the right length—but not 1 row more than 6 inches!

Next is the top—I am going to take 2 steps to correct the too poofy top.
1st, some decreases (about 10%)
2nd, I will continue with the same needle and not go up a size.

Together, this should keep the top in scale—a bit of a bubble, but not an oversized one!—there is a nature tendency for the knitting to poof up—the ribbing pulls the fabric in significantly.

One problem with this hat was a rush to yarn—I usually mentally knit out a hat (for a few days, or weeks or months) before I actually knit it. I think about the fit, and how to achieve the right fit, the yarn, the needles, the gauge. And while I don’t always get it right with all that thinking, I do usually come closer!

I have momentarily abandoned my Blackjack socks—and have spent time thinking about this hat, and the fair isle tam, and gloves, and…

Thinking, to about--What I want to own?
--Vests, shrugs and other sleeveless or almost sleeveless tops.
What do I want to knit?
--Hats, scarves (yes, I always complain about knitting them, but I keep knitting them—and silky, dressy scarves, I even wear!) and socks

And what to do, to get more of the things I want to own.

I want some more shawls, too, and...

Well it doesn’t matter what follows the And...
The problems is what I want to knit, very frequently isn’t what I want own or wear!


JelliDonut said...

Really enjoy reading about your creative process. My problem is, I want to knit AND own it all. Not enough hours in the day.

Virginia G said...

See what you need to do is find your knitting opposite. Somebody who loves to knit what you want to wear, and vice versa. (I think vice versa. I could be wrong on this one).

Anonymous said...

Knit what you want to knit. After all, you're spending time on the process. It's better to enjoy it :)