Saturday, January 09, 2010

I got nothing.

Ok, so I have another inch on my socks (or maybe more—since the inch I claimed yesterday, and today’s inch some how add up to over 4 inches. And there is more since the photo was taken (before I headed to work!)
After many rows of colors, and some rows of alternately black and color, I am back to some rows of solid black –(about 6 now, and I still don’t see color emerging from the ball)
These sock are (D’oh) cuff down—I don’t always knit cuff down—(though my last half dozen pair have been!) and I don’t dislike toe up. I don’t have any real rhyme or reason to the direction I knit socks--(The yarn tells me!)

And I certainly disagree with the statement that toe up are superior because they can be tried on –cuff down can be tried on (and all sock should be tried on, as you knit them, if possible.)even if they are not for you!

It is easier to try on socks being knit on circ’s (1 or 2 circ’s) but it is quite possible to try one socks knit on DPN’s (it takes a small amount of extra effort—but its so worth it.)

Why try on? Well even with dozens and dozens of socks under my belt, I can, if I am working with a different yarn, or a different edge(cast on)--and lets face it, I am always working with a different yarn, and different edge/cast on—I can (yes, that is repetitive!) make the cuff too tight.

Trying on when I have only 1 inch (really 1 inch, or less!) is a way to check that the cast on edge is not too tight, that is slips easily over my heels—
It is much better to frog and start over with 1 inch or knitting, than to finish a sock and then discover its too tight to go on comfortably, (or at all!)

I try on again, as I work to see how tall to make the sock. I have shapely calves—full ones—and unless I plan extra width (extra stitches!) I have to be careful how tall I make them. Socks cuffs that comfortably go over my heel still don’t go that far up my leg.

I try on again, after the heel –(and gusset)—this is another critical point of fit—and if the heel doesn’t fit well –well now is the time to redo!

Finally I double check with a try on, before I start the toe shaping—I always want to rush the toe shaping (and usually need a few more rows!)

(Toe up? The same—only backwards—try on to check gauge at the end of the toe, and try on to place heel, and after heel to check fit, and finally to check height!)

I’ve learned to do this –I have mentioned (more than once, but I will do it again) that my first pair of socks-knit before men reached the moon—LOOKED great.
White, black, grey with touches of red and yellow argyles—I remember how I loved the look.

But they wouldn’t have gone on a blow up doll! –unless you stuck the empty vinyl into the sock and then blew it up! (and you’d would have had difficultly blowing up the feet --the socks were so, so tight!)


Anonymous said...

Yes, trying things on -- gloves, hats, socks... is very important. Saves a lot of stress later on.

Virginia G said...

Lessons I am still learning. :)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful blog. So glad I found you!! How many stitches do you think I would need for a ladies tubular scarf - so that it would fit on my head and then wrap as a scarf, please advise me. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

oh, and sorry, I'm talking about a double knit woll (UK) on no 8 needles. Thanks so much