Friday, January 08, 2010

Knit Out.

I looked at my knitting bag last night—the one that has the 2 row scarf in it… and thought about knitting—but--just didn’t have the energy!

There are various other yarns and books and stuff –for me to knit, but nothing appealed.
I just needed a break.

I did start a new pair of sock (we have already established, I DON’T need any more socks) for passing the time on the subway, and I like them.
These newest sock are being made with Red Heart’s Heart and Sole sock yarn, in the colorway ‘Blackjack’. The ball band photo is a generic one and just shows a stripe pattern, but this yarn is working out quite nicely—rounds and rounds (about 8) of solid black, and then rounds and rounds (about 10) of stripy patterning.

I start the skeins at close to the same point in the pattern (or at least I think I did!)
--but already (just over an inch ) into the sock, they are close mates/match ups, but not perfect.

I don’t mind –I am just not that obsessive about sock (details!)—and besides, so far I am so happy with the bands of solid/bands of color—that it doesn’t matter!

These are plain socks (OK a fancy bit of Latvian braid and a braided cast on to start) –I am going to let the stripes provide all the interest—and so far that’s working!

A bit of self promotion here—I have been nominated on Ravelry for a Bobby –and really, just being nominated is thrilling. Winning would be out of this world—I am quite happy to come in 4th or 5th—but to do that, I need your vote.


Alice McElwee said...

You've got my vote. :)

Virginia G said...

I was so excited to see you on there! Awesome!

The socks look very cool. I understand the knitting burn out. I was there a few nights ago. Just had to take a break. (So I wove in ends instead)

Still have to get past the sock phobia. Ah well.

Anonymous said...

I voted for you!

UnderMeOxter said...

Had no qualms about giving you my vote. Of all the people listed I've definately learned most from you.

Must try some self-patterning yarn for socks soon. Have some in my stash but haven't cast-on any yet.

gayle said...

I gave you my vote, as well.
I'd never even heard of the Bobbys. (I don't get out much...)