Monday, January 25, 2010

Resolved—To detail and document more patterns

—and I am off to a good start.

This morning I added my 4th pattern to Ravely’s store.

This brings my total up to 4—
Cascading Water Socks (Nov 2009)
Double Knit Headbands (free till next week) (December 2009)
 The Red Star Beret (January 2010)
 Of Troy’s Rip Off, I mean, Rib Off Hat (January 2010)

The Rib Off hat is a reverse engineered design, inspired by a hat featured in many of the promotional ads for the new PIX series, Life Unexpected.

It is, all in all, a pretty simple hat. But, if you’ve been following along on the detour, you’ll know, it took me two tries to get the details right—and almost as much time to write the pattern as it did to knit the hat.

I like patterns that are broken into segments—and that is how I write them--Cast on, Part A (brim), Part B (crown), Part C (shaping), Part D (other details), Part E (finishing)--with as many different parts as needed. Unlike a printed publication, I don’t have to worry about cramming all the information into as little space as possible—so I don’t!

And I like patterns that include stitch counts--start with X, decrease R (row or round) ends with X(minus)y or the new X. With a new stitch count at the end of every decrease R..(Oh, yeah, I like R –instead of Row or Round) I know I often knit in the round, but I still think of each new round as new row of knitting. R works--for either term.

I rarely lose my place in a pattern, but if I do, I want clues to help me find my way—and when decreasing, a stitch count helps!

I might not be a perfect technical writer—but I do like details—and I when I write, I include them!

I’ve also added a new gadget in the left hand column—you can use it to link to my Ravelry store—I’ll brag let you you, as I add more patterns. Some will just be improved versions of patterns I have previously offered (here on my blog) and some will be new patterns, (many of these will be for sale.)

Other wise—well not much to report—I had a nice weekend—and met some Ravelry friends in real life –I went to see /participate in Robyn Love’s project at Wave Hill on Saturday

Not much participation—I really don’t have much interest in spinning—and this translates into an unwillingness to really work at learning how to do it. I do have some (pretty awful) yards of stuff I have spun. While it wasn’t spun or dyed as part of her design project, I think it will be knit up as hat for her project—since I am good at knitting hats!

Sunday was Wheel day at Panera’s—Melanie didn’t bring her new Bee as promised (that OK) but Kelly brought her new (antique wheel) and Barbara brought her antique wheel, and Lisa was there with hers—it was like a scene out of a fair tale! –especially as they sat, in a row, at one the bench seats, and worked together.

(I had my camera with me, but did I think to take a photo?—do you see a photo??)

Nothing got accomplished on the tam (I need to blow up and recolor code the chart!—its too small and too dark for me to see clearing –unless I am sitting with it under my ott like light- (so every thing I did knit, I frogged!)


Robyn said...

oooooh I wish you did have a photo of all the antique wheels!

And love the rip-off, I mean, rib-off hat!

The Big Burbs said...

I'm so glad Jelli Donut whined until she got you to write the pattern for Rib-Off ;)
Just got my copy--- LOVE it, thanks!

JelliDonut said...

Thanks so much! I've gotten stalled on the hat--I'm in Jamaica, DH & DD are home and DD's had a bit of an emergency. Trying to stay in touch with her and figure out if I should finish out the trip or try to get back home. Not much time for knitting.

I'm wondering how many time I would have had to start over. Two sounds pretty good to me! Again, thanks for all you work.

Virginia G said...

The hat looks beautiful!

I was going to go out on Saturday, but my daughter and I were just too grumpy to actually leave the apartment. We stayed in and watched movie and groused at each other. :)

My husband, being wise, left.

Anonymous said...

That's gorgeous and brilliant! Congratulations on the pattern!