Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Stalled again

I don’t feel any older... Well, not mentally—physically, I am all aches and pains—and please God, they will last for years and years. I don’t dwell on them—why bother? I am generally healthy enough—and it's way to boring to listen to complaints!

What I notice most is my sight.

It used to be, I could see and read the finest of typeface—the compact edition of the OED that came with magnifying glass—I could read easily sans magnifier!

The test card in the opticians? Piece of cake compared to the OED!

I still can read the fine text—(the smallest font is still readable on the test card) but smaller? Not so much.. And I need good light, too! I used to be able to thread a needle in the dark—or near dark.

Now I move myself closer to the light, to see what I am doing.

Driving at night? I hate SUV’s and trucks with their higher than average lights that blind me. It takes less than a second to recover—but it takes recovery time—(perceptible) that I notice.

So last night I didn’t knit. Instead, I recreated the charts for the Fair Isle Tam.

I made them BIGGER—way bigger! And I change the colors, too so the charts reflect (sort of) the colors I am using.

The PDF from the Patons Blog prints out as standard 8.5 X 11 (US standard!) page – has the two charts on one page—the squares in the chart are less than .20 of inch in size—(14 stitches are represented in just over 2 inches/the 9 rows in just under 2 inches)—and this has become to small for me to read comfortable!

Oh, Youth! I want the vision of my youth—not that it was perfect then (I’ve worn corrective lens for distance and astigmatism since age 12—and likely needed them a year or two before that.) But in so many ways, I could see so much better!

I don’t know if I’ll work on the hat tonight, either—It’s knit night at LIC—and while I enjoy the company (who wouldn’t? It’s a great group!) it’s not the best place to work on chart that has whooped my ass already!

So maybe I’ll just go to town on the Blackjack socks—I am a dozen rows or so past the gusset—a bit over 4 inches now—and another inch or so to come on the ride home! This will bring me past the half way point –since 9 inches from base of flap to tip of toe is just about perfect fit for me.

What with an inch on my commute, and another 2 tonight—they will be done by the end of the month easily!

I can already hear the other sock yarns clamoring for my attentions.


Virginia G said...

Oh man... that's rough.

I am finding that my eyesight (heh, I just accidentally wrote eyeshite. Freudian slip maybe?) is getting better as I get older. I'm just afraid that I'm going to go past 20/20 like my father and far into the realm of farsightedness.

Experimental Knitter said...

I canstill see the fine stuff, but my eyes get tired, and like you I need the light.
I'm putting a higher wattage bulb in the lamp next to my bed, so I can knit better. May be time to buy a new lamp.

JelliDonut said...

I have become one of those people who keeps a pair of reading glasses in every room. I can accept this. Sort of. It's come to me later than most people but that doesn't make it better. Oh well.

gayle said...

I had to make the adjustment to wearing glasses - and bifocals to boot.
I miss being able to read easily. But I miss the light the most...