Friday, January 15, 2010

What now?

I am asking myself that question!

I want to knit the fair isle tam (do I want to knit a hat?) I have the yarn.. and the pattern...

I want to knit the gloves from the Holiday issue of Interweave (page 123) I have some lovely cashmere for the gloves, but need some fine wool for the Turkish colorwork over glove—and do I want to start the gloves(and wait on the overglove?)

I want to document some patterns and have more patterns available on Ravelry—
Some are easy—I just need to make some PDF’s of existing files, and upload those to my Ravelry collection.
Some are harder—since I actually need to write the patterns up!
Some are harder still (I need to transfer a hard drive—which means so much more that just doing that) to get to the file.
(I was sure I copied the files, but I can’t find the CD)—and if I am doing that, I want to also set up the wireless router, and… (lots of hardware software details I should take care of!)

I have some UFO’s I should work on—(2 pairs of socks! And a shrug, and well, there are bags of knitting stuff all over—and I need to clean up the mess!)

I need to start some gifts, and some projects for my DD—she will be doing the Avon run walk again this year, and I want to do some more stuff for her fund raising efforts.

I should organize my stash—and maybe finish photographing it—since I only have a small portion of my stash uploaded to Ravelry (yes, those 107 entries are just a small part of my stash!)

And then there are the non-knitting things I have in my mental queue—a skirt or two to sew up, and some knitting bags (as gifts) and other sewing projects.

And some earings I want to make—for me and for the above mentioned fund raisers to come.

Well I have done some knitting—here are the black jack socks—with a heel flap, if not a turned heel!

So what next? I dunno!


gayle said...

Ah, I recognize that kind of paralysis! I've been in the same kind of quandary myself recently.
I finally cast on a sweater - it's keeping me busy while I waffle over what to do next...

Anonymous said...

Such a long list! But filled with good ideas. I hope you accomplish everything you want!