Thursday, January 14, 2010

Whoo Whee! 6 foot 3!

Last night I finished the 2 row scarf—Knitting and finishing!

In the end, I had less than 1 yard of the yarn left over—this included the tails from the cast on, the tails from the bind off, and the tails from change of skeins.

After weaving in (actually what I did was some duplicated stitches, and then pulled the tail between the 2 layers of knitting) the total was about 12 inches of waste.
And the finished length? 75 inches! All I wanted (72 inches!) plus 3 more!

As I have mentioned, I don’t much like scarves snug around my neck—and the thought was, this narrow(ish) scarf could be worn folded and the ends tucked into the fold. To be long enough to do this, (and still not be ‘close’ (because close is too close, and close is way looser than tight!)) I needed at least 36 inches when the scarf was folded.

The extra inches make it all the nicer.

Yesterday Virginia commented that she thought the scarf must be boring to knit—
(Every row the same, row after row) but actually this has been one the least boring scarves I have ever knit!
I started with an Italian (tubular) cast on, and finished with a grafted bind off (see details to left) and worked in simple double knitting (K1, Slip 1) the way it worked was:
Oh, change of yarn; look at how the colors:
Almost match
Strongly contrast
Change colors before my eyes
Yes, Blue violet and violet blue are different colors.
Oh look Red—wait no its not, its red violet.

(Other such sentiments!)

R1 was alternating colors, R2 filled in with the new color. Interesting!
R3 and 4—Ok—(not yet boring) and then
R1 and R2Interesting again!
This scarf never got boring.

While the stitch pattern was boring (and there are one or two errors and the scarf is not a perfect tube!), the color way’s keep the whole thing interesting beyond belief. I could see myself knitting another scarf like this!

This is pretty amazing, because my most frequent reaction to finishing any scarf (and most shawls) is: THAT IS THE LAST SCARF I AM GOING TO KNIT!( a lie, but one I often tell myself!--like other lies we tell our selves (You know the kind; this year, I am going to lose weight, and keep it off, or this year, NO new yarn for the stash, or..)

The socks are moving along, too, I started the heel flaps yesterday, (and just got a few rows done—half the time was taken up finding the ends and neatening up the balls (not balls, but collapsed skeins) of the solid black yarn. I'll take a photo when there is something interesting to see—Like a finished heel—or at least a finished heel flap and turning, and gusset stitches picked up!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the finished scarf! The colors do look great.