Thursday, February 18, 2010

2 Days—no knitting, no photos

Got in a funk –I have a bit of Seasonal Affect Disorder—(SAD) not a bad case, but I do find I get tired and cranky as the winter goes on. You’d think as the winter comes to end, and the days begin to get longer I would be rebounding about now—but no—late February and early March (until the earth moves round and days actually are longer than nights) are worst. It’s a cumulative effect. And its culminates just before the equinox!

I am at my tiredest, I am at my weakest (this is the time I am most likely to get sick, because my resistance is weakest) I am grumpy, irritable and short tempered. I don’t think clearly—and I need more sleep than ever. When I younger, I frequently found my self seriously depressed at this time of the year--but not so much now days.

I feel generally better with a more exercise—but I am least inclined to make the effort!

Shoveling—No, not really shoveling, ICE chopping—and getting my car free last night was tiring—(and I am achy today—not back pains—(they come from shoveling) but upper shoulder pain from lifting the 20 lb ice chopper and dropping it (again and again, and again, and again—ad infinitum!) did me in.

While I was working I was comfortable enough, but a rest of more than 5 minutes, and I got cold—So two hours later when I was all dug out (and done in) I was cold and tired.. (And took a 2 hour nap!)—and slept away most of the evening and my knitting time.

But the exercise has done its job—in spite of some residual shoulder soreness, I am in a much bright mood today—It’s time to get back to work!

2 nights ago I was just too tired and irritable to be able to count to TEN—nine times—pathetic!
I knit and tinked and knit and tinked… and just couldn’t get things to work

Now I am ready to start the new row of blocks—half plain knitting, half lace patterned—and to make some progress—my time is almost half gone, and I am not half finished. I better get cracking!

While I was tired and distracted, and wasn't looking, some white yarn snuck onto a pair of needles. Like the green tips of daffodils and tulips that I see peeking out of the ground--braving the ice and snow-- these hyacinths are insistent—and they just won’t stop! They will be knit and they will be knit NOW.)

So far, they are just cast on and half done cuffs—but I think once I get to the flower part of the pattern—I will have a full battle on my hands! They will be demanding my time and attention.. Ravelymics be dammed!

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Virginia G said...

I understand. Boy do I ever. Wow.

And I got into a knitting funk today. Until my new wool order arrived. :)