Thursday, February 25, 2010

Almost back to where I was--

And happy with my progress!

I still have to pay attention.. I had to tink a half row—I was once again decreasing (with out increasing!) as I worked the pattern--but that is what I get for knitting late at night! But working the pattern flat is much easier--

Actually, it is working a whole flower head motif at one time, and not split over 2 needles that is easy--I know working on DPN's would be just as simple (except, I would end up with SOCK not socks!)

I still have a few yards of unraveled yarn—and so a few more rows to work till I am back to were I was before I undid all the work.

I wish the top of the socks (and the flower head) was rounder—I suppose I could have started with 3 repeats, and then gone to 5 (instead of starting right away with the 5 repeats of the cluster stitches..) but I am not going to undo and change now!

That’ it!

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Experimental Knitter said...

It's pretty, can't wait to see more of it.