Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Aren’t they pretty?

I know, I know, it’s just a scant inch—but these lovely hyacinths are hell to knit!

But let’s not dwell on that! See the lovely picot knots of the channel island cast on? The first detail!(the bit of orange on right? its a stitch marker!)

The arching curves start in the garter stitch—hyacinths do have rounded tops, and this is a nice little flower like detail—as well as an just being an other interesting element.

Then there are the florets— since hyacinths are made up of hundreds of little florets. Each is made for the pattern that uses the cluster stitch—(*k1,) [K3tog, YO, K3tog into same stitches before letting them drop of the needle].

The cluster stitch is a stitch completely unsuited to working on the subway!
K3tog is not a fun stitch in general –and 5 per flower means15 every other round, per sock—or 30 at time!—On the moving subway!

The pattern is a 20 stitch repeat,
R1: K1, cluster,
R2: (and 4) plain
R3: K3, Cluster, (end with K2)
The result is a bit of stocking knit at each edge—and I didn’t like that!

The 3rd round is the same, in effect as R1, but offset—the new cluster is centered on the K1 of the first pattern—but I have altered the pattern slightly—by increasing (and decreasing!) and working the pattern so there is never more than a single stocking knit stitch at the end.

This results in a ever so slightly wavy edge to the hyacinth—but these increases/decreases results in repositioning stitches every 4th round. A real PITA to do when you are knitting socks 2 on 2!

I will write up the directions to this sock –and my directions will be for socks knit on Magic loop (1 at a time) or for working on DPN’s (positively EASY!)

With 1 pattern repeat (that is 1 hyacinth!--which is made up of a bunch of cluster stitches!) per needle, the pattern will be much easier to do (there will still be all those cluster stitches.. but –well that is one of the sacrifices we make for beauty, isn’t it?

I opted to have the 3 hyacinths positioned so that there is 1 in center back, and 2 straddling center front (I have more than a few pair of shoes that have open backs, and I think its fun to have something interesting down the center back of sock—(see my MAST socks!) –but I also plan to have a 3D leaf embellishment.

These leaf embellishments will work best on the front—and wouldn’t work (well wouldn’t work out well in my minds eye!) with the 3 hyacinths positioned with the center back being the seam/purl ditch.

I actually did the math on this detail! (And it worked out so simply with the center front being the ditch, and was awful the other way round!)

But the leaf and the leaf extensions are miles away—(I don’t even have the green yarn I plan to use!--)

But everywhere there are signs of spring—Even the weather –The forecast was for snow—but the temps are in mid 30°’s—and it cold rain
Cold rain is not much fun, but it is washing away the what was left of the snow from 2 weeks ago—and making the streets look clean and shiny(an illusion I know, but one I hold!) instead of clotted with lumpy burgs of old grey snow.

My hyacinths will are emerging the reverse of the real ones (for me, first flowers, than leaves!) but how pretty they will be –pretty enough to hold their own against the real ones!

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