Friday, February 05, 2010

I love NY.

I suppose you love your home town, too. I was reminded of this last night—out late, Colette was kind enough to drive me home—and we took a detour through Brooklyn—and coming north on I-278 (aka BQE) I took in the beautiful skyline.

It wasn’t that late (8:30!) We (most of the members of LICKnits group, but only Dana and I in the car ride home!) were coming home from an event at Knitty City --namely a book signing event with Nicky Epstein (and I actually remembered, before the event was over, to take some images!--but Nicky never was still for a moment--and many of them are blurry!)

Here is Randi modeling both one of Nicky’s sweaters (She didn’t want to take it off) from Knitting On the Top of the World (You know about the KAL to knit everything in that book? No? Well look here! )
And at the same time, she is modeling Melissa’s new Liliann hat.(you can just see the tab on the left, and will have to take my word on that!)

Nicky is NYer too, a transplanted one. NYC is home to several designers-and frequent appearance and trunk shows by the same. (It’s so easy to convince a designer to come some place uptown—(a quick drive or subway ride away) or downtown, or cross town—so we have lots of opportunities to get to know them.

I had hoped to see Nicky last week in an other event at the Brooklyn Public Library—Grace Shanahan has made –with the help of the library staff—the BPL a hub of knitting activity-- (Last year, on KIP day, I went to joint the Park Slope Knitting group on the library steps/plaza and had a great time)-- but life interfered.

It was wonderful to see Nicky—I don’t always like all her designs (does anyone always like everything?) but Knitting a Kiss in Every Stitch is a wonderful collection. (I LOVE Nicky’s technical and specialty books, like her Knitted Flowers and her Edging books! And while I don’t own every book she has written, I do own most of them!)

We also got to see a preview of her collection of buttons and clasps (Oh, my!) that are only hinted about in her store link—You can see many of them in use in the book—and if you were wondering where you could find clasps as pretty, or as interesting, or as different as the ones you see in the book—well the answer is, they will soon be available in her store!(--see the link above to her home page)

In addition to Knitting a Kiss in Every Stitch, I also bought The Essential Guide to Knitting in Color—a book I have wanted since Lars first brought it to show and tell about a year ago.

It is an amazing book—it covers the basics, has great ideas (for stitch pattern, color combination, and other applications), and could be a textbook for knitting color work. I do have a preference for reference books (as apposed to pattern books or other knitting books) and this is a wonderful addition to my (ever growing!) library of books.
(Ask me, if you dare want about how I earn gift cards to B & N by reading junk (advertisement) email. I am more than half way to earning my next $25 gift card—and another book!)

Finally I need to give a shout out to the staff of Knitty City—I (am hopelessly brain dead when tired, and I was tired last night!) left my spiral neck ring (and my little bag of knitting notions—with my favorite little scissors) at the store—and they had put both aside, and sent me an email that came before it got home! (I had more than my usually share of stuff to carry what with 2 books. Love em, but dang, books are heavy!

So I am momentarily with out knitting—but thrilled that I haven’t lost either.
It is fate—I saw (and passed on) some lovely sock yarn last night (beautiful clear solid colors). Now, I will return to the store—and not leave with out a skein (or two? Or..)

The only question is: will it be the spring green? Or the turquoise? Or the bright red? Or some yellow? Or… I am in trouble!


JelliDonut said...

OMG! I am so jealous! I own both Knitted Flowers and one of the Edge books, autographed, but I've never met Nicky. I love NY too!

Glad your knitting didn't get lost. DD once left a very adorable hat in a toy store in Miami (an EXPENSIVE) toy store. We went back ten minutes later to retrieve it and they had already tossed it in the garbage. A very nice maintenance man dumpster dived for us, so I guess there are still nice people in the world.

Virginia G said...

I'm sorry I didn't get to go. I would have loved to see Nicki. I think she's speaking at the BAKG on the 13th.

Which I will also have to miss, due to a kiddo's birthday.

Anyway, thanks for the recap and photos! It looks like you had a blast.

Susie said...

This looks like it must have been so much fun and I'm very jealous! Can't wait till this damn knee is better and I can start attending more knitting functions. Hopefully soon!