Monday, February 08, 2010

I’ve Been Thinking About Knitting

And even doing some... but thinking more than doing!

Are you planning to join the Winter Knitting Olympics? –or perhaps the Ravelympics? I am part of Team Baconator on Ravelry Bacon --as in the food—though there was a vote for Kevin Bacon’s image as our banner.

My plan (an ambitions one!) is to design and knit a shawl—a V shaped one--and by that I mean not a V shaped triangle, but an open V. I think triangle shawls bunch up around your neck—and I wear a shawl because my arms are cold! I want something that sits on the shoulders and over the arms—open V’s work better for me.

I haven’t even decided on the yarn yet. (Some plan, huh?!) Oh, yeah, it’s a stash busting project, so I have a wealth of choices.

I have some mohair (pick a color, any color-- I have some mohair in that color—that is not quite true, but damn close!)

And I have some silk –Blue/violet hand painted, or solid black, or taupe, or rose, or red/violet, or … (I have quite a bit of silk—no where near the amount of mohair, but… If you start adding in the silk and wool blends—there are more than a few choices. )

Then there is the Filatura-di-Crosa College--a kid mohair blend (my stash is an embarrassment of riches!)—in a very pretty blue--I only have it in blue, a half dozen skeins—Oops, make that 7 skeins--quite enough to make a generous shawl.

It is the lead contender right now. I’ve made a scarf with this yarn (some 4 or 5 years ago—(pre blog, pre Ravelry)—and it was a joy to work with—and the blue color I have is really beautiful. It will be great for formal stuff—but it would also look great with denim. (And why not were a lovely shawl with denim!)

Then there is the design... I have an idea—I just need to swatch a few edging to find the right one—Yesterday-- I found one of the wrong ones. So it’s back to the drawing board.

I also got a few more rounds of the Fruity stripes cowl neck warmer done (my DD—she should bit her tongue—called it a dickey!) –it’s over six inches long—and taking shape—I have been increase 8 stitches or so every other round—so it is flaring out like a funnel –(to better sits on my shoulders). At about 8 inches, or so, I will work a round (or 2) of the hand painted Art yarn, and then bind off with a lacy edge—most likely one worked crosswise, and I will work intarsia style with a stripe of the grape and final outside edge of the raspberry.

The other knitting I have been thinking about is my next pair of socks-I know, I don't need any more socks--But love knitting socks!

Some Treking XXL thought it was next—but it was wrong.
The next sock involves a bit of thievery. The newest Tsock Flock Sock (club) sock is out... and I am so stealing an idea. (I got to see the prototype socks, finished, yesterday)

My sock will be nothing like The Abby sock-- but it will by hyacinths. Definitely hyacinths—(note the plural there—not one hyacinth per sock--but multiple)
In a different color, knit in a different direction, with a different heel, and most definitely a different cuff! (no gargoyles!) —it will be totally different—except I know, I have totally stolen the idea!

Not that The Abby sock isn't magnificent--it is--the photo's don't do it justice. It is a beautiful design--with all the details one expects from Lisa's designs.

My sock will be child play--so much simpler! but then, I plan to knit them on the subway, and not in my living room, and I want (and need) something that doesn't require much in the way of charts or thinking, for that matter!

I don’t know if I will start them before the Ravelympics—though I am itching to start them NOW—(and I don’t have all the proper colors of yarn now!) –and I most definitely will need to swatch too! – there are a few details to work out.

Well, my socks will be spring themed (not literature themed) and I still have 5 weeks till spring; so I guess I can wait--I have to!


JelliDonut said...

I LOVE those cowboy boot socks. Can't wait to see what your Ravelympic project is--go Baconators!

Diane said...

I like the neck warmer thingy, although I have to admit that like your daughter I too first thought it was a dickey. But, I guess a dickey is to provide a collar to a shirt in order to fancy it up and a neck warmer is well to warm up the neck. You are sooo talented and I enjoy watching your videos on you you tube. I have not been knitting for very long and so I need all the help I can get.

I still have not figured out the gauge thingy because they always say if you have too many stitches you need a bigger needle and if you don't have enough then you knit loose and need a smaller needle for the gauge. I understand that part. My problem is that I do both in the same pattern. I knit tight and loose so it makes for funny looking scarves. So far I have not tried anything too complicated, mostly I am just practicing trying to become more consistent with knitting.

The other problem I have is with purling. I don't actually purl in either continental style or english but a weird mixture of both, however, I can easily knit in the continental style. I first learned the english style and finally was able to do the continental and now that is more comfortable.

Well, I will keep following your blog. I only have one blog that is completely private, so I need to make one that is for public view. The private one allows me to vent about things that might offend others...ya know..stuff that people argue about all the time. Like

Virginia G said...

The neckwarmer thing looks so awesome. Love those colors together. And the stripes are super cool.

I'm knitting another Damson out of malabrigo sock in Primavera. It's a gorgeous shade, and it is more like an open V than a triangle shawl. It stays on my shoulders pretty well.

オテモヤン said...
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Lida said...

Love your neck cowl neck warmer, I keep telling myself I have to knit one, they are so handy in winter time, fortunately this winter was a piece of cake!
Nice blog, check out my funny knitting inspired note cards, I think you will enjoy them!