Monday, February 08, 2010

I’ve Been Thinking About Knitting

And even doing some... but thinking more than doing!

Are you planning to join the Winter Knitting Olympics? –or perhaps the Ravelympics? I am part of Team Baconator on Ravelry Bacon --as in the food—though there was a vote for Kevin Bacon’s image as our banner.

My plan (an ambitions one!) is to design and knit a shawl—a V shaped one--and by that I mean not a V shaped triangle, but an open V. I think triangle shawls bunch up around your neck—and I wear a shawl because my arms are cold! I want something that sits on the shoulders and over the arms—open V’s work better for me.

I haven’t even decided on the yarn yet. (Some plan, huh?!) Oh, yeah, it’s a stash busting project, so I have a wealth of choices.

I have some mohair (pick a color, any color-- I have some mohair in that color—that is not quite true, but damn close!)

And I have some silk –Blue/violet hand painted, or solid black, or taupe, or rose, or red/violet, or … (I have quite a bit of silk—no where near the amount of mohair, but… If you start adding in the silk and wool blends—there are more than a few choices. )

Then there is the Filatura-di-Crosa College--a kid mohair blend (my stash is an embarrassment of riches!)—in a very pretty blue--I only have it in blue, a half dozen skeins—Oops, make that 7 skeins--quite enough to make a generous shawl.

It is the lead contender right now. I’ve made a scarf with this yarn (some 4 or 5 years ago—(pre blog, pre Ravelry)—and it was a joy to work with—and the blue color I have is really beautiful. It will be great for formal stuff—but it would also look great with denim. (And why not were a lovely shawl with denim!)

Then there is the design... I have an idea—I just need to swatch a few edging to find the right one—Yesterday-- I found one of the wrong ones. So it’s back to the drawing board.

I also got a few more rounds of the Fruity stripes cowl neck warmer done (my DD—she should bit her tongue—called it a dickey!) –it’s over six inches long—and taking shape—I have been increase 8 stitches or so every other round—so it is flaring out like a funnel –(to better sits on my shoulders). At about 8 inches, or so, I will work a round (or 2) of the hand painted Art yarn, and then bind off with a lacy edge—most likely one worked crosswise, and I will work intarsia style with a stripe of the grape and final outside edge of the raspberry.

The other knitting I have been thinking about is my next pair of socks-I know, I don't need any more socks--But love knitting socks!

Some Treking XXL thought it was next—but it was wrong.
The next sock involves a bit of thievery. The newest Tsock Flock Sock (club) sock is out... and I am so stealing an idea. (I got to see the prototype socks, finished, yesterday)

My sock will be nothing like The Abby sock-- but it will by hyacinths. Definitely hyacinths—(note the plural there—not one hyacinth per sock--but multiple)
In a different color, knit in a different direction, with a different heel, and most definitely a different cuff! (no gargoyles!) —it will be totally different—except I know, I have totally stolen the idea!

Not that The Abby sock isn't magnificent--it is--the photo's don't do it justice. It is a beautiful design--with all the details one expects from Lisa's designs.

My sock will be child play--so much simpler! but then, I plan to knit them on the subway, and not in my living room, and I want (and need) something that doesn't require much in the way of charts or thinking, for that matter!

I don’t know if I will start them before the Ravelympics—though I am itching to start them NOW—(and I don’t have all the proper colors of yarn now!) –and I most definitely will need to swatch too! – there are a few details to work out.

Well, my socks will be spring themed (not literature themed) and I still have 5 weeks till spring; so I guess I can wait--I have to!
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