Saturday, February 06, 2010

Look What I Got!

Right from the beginning, Knitty City has had great bags—Not just the kind for sale, but the kind you get with a sale (purchase).

The styles have changed—but commonly—the bags have been medium weight clear plastic. For a while, drawstring ones; yesterday for the most part, 2 gallon size zip lock style (with a deep edge on top of the zip—that has a small hand hold)—but I got this bag (I guess I am special!)

Knitty City bags become instant project bags. Clear, sturdy, large enough to hold a project (OK so not large enough to hold an afghan, but plenty big for a small sweater) and closeable.

This bag is BIG—about 18 inches from side to side, with a big flat oval bottom (so it easily sits flat) and tall (9 inches from bottom to bottom of hand hold) and very sturdy. Not afghan project sized, but a nice size for lots of projects.

So yesterday was a 3-fer!
1—I was able to retrieve my current project (the Fruity Neck Ring) and notions bag (a joy it wasn’t lost!)—No photo—well because I not much of a change in the project—it is 6 or so stripes longer than it was last time I photographed it—but that’s about it!

2—I got the great bag (see above) –I know, I need another tote bag as much as I need to gain weight—but it is a great bag!

3—And 3 balls of some solid colored sock yarn. That was the hardest part!

Knitty City has a fairly large selection of sock yarn—I knew what I wanted in the most general way—50gm balls of solid colors-- but Oh, my! How hard it was to choose!

I was tempted by the Dark Chocolate Brown/ Coffee with cream/ Ecru –I have some tweedy oatmeal (a bit darker than ecru) and some Milk chocolate brown sock yarn already—and there is this cute multi color/multi stitch striped sock in Sock Innovations done in several shades of brown—
But—I don’t have much in the way of brown clothing…and I don’t think I want brown socks.

And I was tempted by the RED—Oh what a lovely clear red!
The deep cherry pink was tempting too, but I have a skein in that color already.
(the pale pink? Eh—pink is not my color and besides I already have at least 3 different pink sock yarns!—too much for someone who is not a pink fan!)

If there was a middling green, and not just the rich bottle green and the light grassy green, I might have gotten a set of greens… I am always surprised by how many green clothes I own-and in so many different shade of green.

But instead, I got 3 different colors--a slightly orangey yellow (a marigold yellow) a light, but not really pastel green, and a middling purple, too—(to me it is heliotrope – not a hyacinth, or a crocus, or pansy purple but a definite heliotrope!)

What will I do with them? OH so many things!

First off, they are almost 200 yards each—and I know, 160 yards skeins will often knit up to perfect length socks for me.. So I have plenty of yardage.

Second—I have a full skein of a darker purple (and some white that could, with a small effort become a pale purple!) and I could easily use the solids together—they do make a lovely spring combo all on there own.

If I do—well 3 skeins of yarn—for 1 pair of socks! I will have lots of left over yarn—and I can…
Trim a self striping pair of socks with a solid cuff,
Use the solid with a self striping yarn to do a fake fair isle band after the cuff,
Use these three together (a lovely spring combo) together as make a set of spiral stripe socks,
I could use a small amount to add some patterning to a pair of socks made (mostly) with some plain but boring color –like oatmeal!
Work up a stripe pattern of my own—black socks with stripes, using these yarns and some of the other solids in my collection.

I love having clear solid colors to trim socks; I like being able to add small details to self striping socks, and solids are great for lace trims, or other details.

What will I do?! Well time will tell!

For the past 48 hours--the news has been nothing but SNOW...And I know the mid Atlantic states are getting more than their fair share. But here in NYC?

Maybe old man winter will get even from me mocking him.. but this morning the snow was this...
Drifts of an inch or so!


JelliDonut said...

You're right--solid color sock yarn is VERY hard to find. Lucky you!

Melissa said...

Those colors remind me of Mardi Gras! How fun :)

Virginia G said...

Hmm... may have to make a run to Knitty City tomorrow. Those are great bags!

I'm impressed that you got any snow. Up here in the Bronx: NUTTIN.


Dolly said...

Ooh, let's hope that's all the snow you get. If we had gotten that much this morning, the jeep would have gotten parked !

Thank you for visiting me.
My husband's stroke recovery is going pretty well, Praise the LORD, but now he's in a nursing home to recover from a broken hip he received this past Monday when he fell on the icy street.
He's in good hands, and will be better soon ! We appreciate your well wishes and I hope to remember to try to find the book that you mentioned.

On the sock front, I like solids too......they show patterns beautifully, and I always like to have extras--I use them for contrasting heels and toes.....LOVE THAT !