Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Day

I took yesterday off—from work (real, for pay work) and homework (cleaning cooking and general stuff—including knitting!).

All day Tuesday I had been feeling blah, worse than blah--Tired cranky and all-over achy. Still, I had planned to come to work yesterday. I got up showered, dressed, and then just knew—while going to work was an option, the idea of heading home at the height of the blizzard (this mornings news says—Not a blizzard-- the winds were never quite wild enough) was not.

So I stayed home and slept a good deal of the day away. I was afraid I would be restless and unable to sleep come evening--but no, I was fast asleep moments after turning the lights out. What ever was ailing me responded well to a day of rest.

I feel better today—Not 100% (I am still achy—but what can you expect with the double whammy of fibro and arthritis? When the joints don’t ache, the muscles do… on bad days, both!) I am do for a dose of NSAID and once it kicks in, I’ll feel better.

Tuesday afternoon as I headed home, I got a few repeats of the edging lace done on the fruity cowl—but I haven’t gotten 25% done yet—(since the spiral knitting gives a quick and easy measure!) and likely won’t finish it before starting the Ravelympics—my shawl will be small enough and light enough to carry with me as a subway project—and will likely become one—I only have 17 days for the project—I don’t know if I will have the time or energy to be working on 2 projects! We’ll see.

I have been getting a foundation laid for the Ravelympics—I have been using a moisturizer, and trimming my nails, (and cuticles) and getting them all smooth and soft for fast snag free knitting.

Certainly, between cold winter weather, and knitting, my hands tend to be dry (my nails to the point of cracking, peeling and splitting)—and while I don’t use it often, waterless hand sanitizers (mostly alcohol) doesn’t help—I know I tend to pick at and go after dry hard cuticles savagely—(less so than in the past) and that if I don’t make an effort to keep them smooth and moisturized, I end up with raw, chaffed (and worse) finger tips.

One thing I did get done was a swatch—I’ve found an interesting edging stitch for my Ravelymics project. It’s not a totally new idea (I’ve seen things like it) but it’s not a common one –and not (to my knowledge) a documented edge stitch pattern—and I’ve combined it with a lacy increase, and a bit of faggoting.
Its use, with the other stitches I will be using will be one original design element of the project.

It is scalloped textured edge—the shawl will be made of squares (starting with 1, increasing to 3, then 5, then 7, then 9 then 11—and then dividing into two 5 block arms.. that will continue at 5—but will be offset (decrease on the inside edge, increases on the outside edge), and eventually tapering to 3, and then 1 block.

The scallop edge will soften the blocks—and make it more of V rather than looking like something constructed of Lego’s--and I particularly like the depth of the edging.. (its 3d, not flat!)
The blocks will be worked in different stitch patterns--garter and seed stitch alternating with lace stitches. A sort of mock entralac design—with triangles of lace up the outside edges.

I will be holding out--and not posting a lot of photos of the project--you'll have to wait till the end of the games to see the (hopefully!) finished project.

I’ve knit shawls like this before—and just now, looking, I see I’ve never photographed either of the two! One is a done in a red mohair blend, and the other is done in a Lion Brand Mohair—Moonlight Mohair—the Rainbow Falls colorway—that one is just a blocks of simple (stocking knit, garter and seed stitches) –I wore it today—here is a snippet of it. The color and yarn obscure the blocks of stocking knit and garter--(and the dark background (the wood toned desk at work) don't help either! But...


JelliDonut said...

Glad you're feeling better. I just looked at my own nails and cuticles. Yuck! Thanks for the reminder.

Virginia G said...

I'm having such issues with dry skin this year.

And bah humbug to the peeps saying it wasn't a blizzard. Damn well was up in the BX. Ugh. AWFUL. Nearly got blown down on a couple of occasions. My daughter did (she's 4).

Can't wait to see what the Ravelympics produces for you!

Virginia G said...

Also, thanks for the info about the Hudson freezing the other day. That was very cool, and I did not know that the Hudson was called the "North River." It's always exciting when I learn something my husband doesn't already know. :)