Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Thumb’s up..

But not quite done!

One thumb is, but the other still need a few rows of ribbing to be complete.
(16 stitches X 5 rows.-plus the bind off—less than 100 stitches to completion.)
All the ends have been woven in, on both gloves--so once the thumb ribbing is knit, and those two ends worked in--a FO!

I got the first thumb done on subway—and managed to lose the small (size 2) circ I was using to pick up the stitches—I find it is easier to pick (with a needle, not with yarn) and then knit –and as the same time divide the stitches evenly for working in the round.

And I do the pick up with a smaller needle (so much easier to get the stitches on the small needle!) The circ I lost was a ‘reject one’ (too short for my comfort for general knitting) but it was still useful for project like this—And losing it messed up my finishing!

So I went to work on the matching hat. Hat? Did I say hat?

It could have been a hat—that is, if I could count right—the fingerless gloves were made to fit round my hand (7.5 inches round) and I cast on 38 stitches –(let’s round the number to 40)

20 inches –or so would be a good size for the hat band (for my huge head) Based on my gauge for the fingerless gloves, that would be 40 stitches + 40 stitches (15 inches) +20 (another 3.5 inches) +the extra from rounding up (another inch)—or almost 20 inches.. a good number.

Too bad I cast on 120! (3 times 40(and 38 stitches =7.5 inches)—or over 22.5 inches! )—0% negative ease.

And with that many cast on, I didn’t have much of ribbed band –counting the tubular cast on, 4 rounds of 1 X 1 ribbing. Certainly not enough to support a hat.

Well I could have frogged—but instead made a snap decision—this is not going to be a hat—it’s going to be a neck ring! It’s a nice size to easily pull over my head—and the narrow edging of ribbing is fine for a neck ring.

I am knitting it in spiral stripe. This is fun method of striping.

You use X (3, 4, 5 what ever number) balls of yarn. The yarn can be all different colors, or not. For this project, X=4, 2 balls of raspberry, 2 balls of grape.

After an edge (OK you can do this from the get go, but I like an separate edge—in a single yarn) you divide the stitches into equal groups (in my case, 4 balls of yarn, 4 groups)

Knit the first group of stitches (G1) with Ball 1 (B1) the second group (G2) with B2, and so on. Just pick up yarn and knit (and drop old yarn as you work)

R2—at the end of R1, after completed G4, you come to beginning of round
The only yarn you have available to knit with is B4—so knit G1 with B4.
At the end of G1, you’ll have 2 yarns (B1, (from previous round) and B4 (that you just used. Drop B4, pick up B1—knit G2 with B1,
At the end of G2, you’ll again have 2 yarns- B2, and B1, (that you just knit with)
Drop B1, pick up B2, and knit G3, and do the same at G4 (drop the old yarn; pick up yarn from previous R.)

At the end of the round, you’ll only have 1 ball of yarn avail able (B3—use it to knit G1)—and for R2 basic repeat the process—knit a group, change yarns (to one from previous R, and repeat.

The result is spiral stripe—a jogless stripe, too.

In my case I am using 2 balls of Raspberry, and 2 of grape, so I am end up with stripes that are 2 R’s deep. (If I had 6 balls, (3 and 3) I would have 3 R stripes.)

If I had 4 different colors I would end up with 1 row of each color and a repeat of the stripe pattern (A, B, C, D) every 4 R’s.
See the top (first round) of this image—the left half is raspberry, the right grape.(the stitch marker divides the groups)
The last round (on the needles) is at a change point too. (the second strand of yarn is from the other side of the work)

It's one of those things that are easier done than explained!

The stripes of the neck ring will echo the stripes on the ribbing of the fingerless glove—and it makes the knitting a bit more interesting.

There have been several blogs that have posted info on this process (Grumparina had the best tutorial –it’s a few years old,( so you have to search) but it’s a good one.)


Virginia G said...

I looooooooooooove your tutorials!

And the colors on those mitts (and soon to be hat) are awesome. (I was originally thinking "shazam!")

JelliDonut said...

I love the spiral stripe--it truly is jogless and really fun to do. Can't wait to see your finished neck ring.