Monday, February 01, 2010


Lot's done this weekend—more undone!

I spend time cleaning (yes, boring cleaning.. it was time to take a shovel to the mess and clear a path—someone has to do it—and since I live alone and make all the mess, it falls to me!)

And I was rewarded –as I hauled out the garbage--with not 1, not 2, but 3 suitcase style storage bags (You know the kind that new comforters or bed in bag come in—plus one of those vacuum storage bags.) All new, all clean, all sitting in a small pile in the recycling room.

So now I have some new bags to pack some yarn in—(more tidying-if not cleaning-up.) I love this style bag. They zip open and closed (and really stay zipped) they are clear so you can see what is in them, and this bunch (pillow sized) are small enough that there will be just a single layer of yarn—so it will be easy to see what’s in them. They stack nice too, on shelves, and they are tacky enough not to slip (well so long as you don’t pile them up!)

(Of course, in the ideal world, these bags would come in a limited number of stock sizes—instead of what seems an infinite number of sizes, and they would stack all the easier!)

I cooked, too, so this week will be an easy one --I will just reheat main dishes and make salad! Since I have already cooked (and washed up) all the pots and pans, clean up will be dishes—(and flatware, and glassware) Easy Peasy!

AND I got all the laundry I did last week hung up and put away.
(I have no problem washing, drying and folding laundry--it’s the last step, hanging up and putting away that I fail at—it’s not unknown for me to go for weeks taking undies out of a laundry basket of clean clothes. (Not out of the undies drawer, that remains empty!)

As for knitting—There is were things got undone. There was more UN-knitting, than knitting done. (I did manage to get a few rounds of my still incomplete red sock done--the red sock, and a pair of socks being knit with a hand painted yarn just don't do anything for me, and I just have trouble working up the effort to knit them.)

The tam was frogged back to the ribbing—(I know the count is correct there)
I made some bobbins up too—since 5 100 gm skeins of yarn are just too bulky.
So now, I am ready to start it again—with more success I hope!

The fingerless gloves? Well the stitch pattern is pretty and fun to knit—but there is not enough contrast, and it looked too busy—so they too, got frogged (completely!) The new version will have some stripes—the cast on and ribbed edges-- but will mostly just rely on the hand painted yarn for interest.

But the stitch pattern? Well, I still like it—and find something that will make good use of it.

This morning, (at work) I cast on again, and now have a dozen or so rounds worked. So I’ll have something to show you tomorrow!


JelliDonut said...

I agree about the zip bags, but I'm afraid they would get squashed in the closet. I DO live with people who would just pile THEIR stuff on top of the bags, making them impossible to get to.

Virginia G said...

I have my stash in one of those zip bags also. That is then stuffed into a wooden trunk (just to be totally safe).

Sounds like you had a super productive weekend!

gayle said...

Un-knitting is productive, too, if only for clearing the decks so knitting can be done.