Saturday, March 06, 2010

Back to where I was—

And a round or two more.
So there are 2 leaf tips on –on the center font.

They were knit with some short rows, and had a diagonal bottom row.

Once incorporated—into body of the sock, they started to be knit to the center of the front hyacinths.

the 2 center front leave are moving to the side, the side leaves are moving to the center of each flower (\--/\--/) The outer leaves are (were) part of the heel flap and every other round they move to instep.

Round1—there was a single stitch between the center front leaves—now there are 5 stitches (next round 7!) the leaf tips that were added to the heel flap are moving to the front (this will be more evident in a few rounds.)

Ever other round, I decrease 4 times on the front of the sock.. and increase (center front) 2 times. The 2 net decreases are part of the gussets—which are reversed (on the instep) from the most common gusset design (which has gussets onto the sole side of the sock.)

Yes, there are (an all too common occurance!) some small coffee stains on them. But I drink black coffee—and with no sugar, and no milk.. there are no permanent stains. Plain black coffee washes out! (I bought an extra coffee this AM—I am-- as I do about once a month—filling in on the weekend and working. It was the take out coffee that spilled –how annoying!)

There is an attempt at a stem design too (twisted stitch, slipped stitch, twisted stitch(repeat) between the leaves.. but the semi solid green make this subtle detail just about invisible!

Maybe it will be evident when the sock is stretched slighty (as it will be when worn) maybe it won’t.

The leaves are set off with some purl stitches, so there are clearly evident now--Well maybe not now for you in the photographs--but clearly evident in person, and will be (more!) evident in a few more rounds.

OK that’s it. I am getting back to my knitting!


JelliDonut said...

These make me think of spring!

Anonymous said...

These are looking great!
I once spilled tea on a hat I was making. Never drank around my yarn again :)