Monday, March 01, 2010

Blossoms are blooming.

In my socks, if not under the still lingering (with threats of yet more!) snow.

About 5 inches now—a bit narrower, (and a bit shorter!—since they will be done in another inch) than the real thing, but almost as pretty!

I have to get the green yarn for the leaves (and heels and foot!) balled up—and divided—I’ll need it soon—likely tomorrow! At least for the leaf tips, if not for the flap—but the flap, and turning and gussets won’t be long in coming!

My Ravelympics shawl is sitting in the frog pond--I am one of the disqualified, not a metal winner.

I like the idea--and will, I think, re-knit it. The new revised shawl will have some minor improvements—but the same basic design. I had forgotten how much I like this yarn—and I love the color too. At first glance its blue; but look again,and its filled with specks of red, green, gold, silvery grey—its really beautiful.

I have worn more sweaters, shawls, scarves and hat this winter than I have worn in a long time. I am older, and my current job has me sitting near an open door—(in a draft) –I feel the cold more now than I ever have. I think i would find a use for this shawl too. (if i finish it!)

I am, in general knitting more (and reading less—thought reading did cut into my knitting time this month!) and wearing more knits.

I have a queue as long as my arm—and then some—and I am always adding to it—and won’t make any progress if I don’t knit!

I didn’t knit much this past snow weekend (a 3 day one, since Friday was a snow day!)—but I cooked! My freezer is filled with treats—and staples. Bean soup has joined the onion (3 pints remain!) –and so has macaroni and cheese (the homemade kind!) I even made some pretzels--they were from a pretzel kit—with pre-measured ingredients. Just add yeast and let rise—half of them are in the freezer too—since 8 big pretzels are more than a weeks worth. I have an urge to make bread too—and maybe I will (I don’t much eat bread—but I enjoy making it!) –I definitely will make some brown bread (soda bread) later in the month.

I love having a freezer full of precooked meals—it’s so much easier to grill, (or poach, or sauté) 6 chicken breasts ONCE—and have one pan to wash—and then reheat the cutlets one at time as needed.

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