Thursday, March 25, 2010

Comment Replies—

A few recent comments to my blog have prompted me to explain my thinking.

About Matching Sock (to outfits—and to each other!)

I have this theory—4F’s is not just total unfit for military duty—4F is social unacceptable.

The 4 F’s?
Fat—Ok there are other words—but I am ok with fat. And I am fat. I am, right now, less fat (about 50 pounds worth!) than I was less year, and I hope by next year to less fat still. But I am fat—and that’s my first F.

40/50 –I no longer claim to be 47—I am 51 (don’t do the math!) and it’s really true—You can get a way with youthful exuberance for a long time but once you reach a certain age.. (Be it 40 or 50) you’re just expected to grow up and behave. (Being thinner and looking younger extends the years you can act with youthful child like behavior—but over time, as you get older, it’s harder and harder to get away with some behaviors—I find I pick and chose.
So being 51 is my second F.

Female—Yes, things are better than they were, but women are still judged harsher in our society than men. Just wearing socks (vs. stockings!) is one of those areas where females are judge harshly. I am female.

Funky—wearing mismatch socks or shoes, or purple hair, or tattoos, or any number of things, can be considered funky… and Funky is the 4th F.

And 4 F’s? Well then you have strayed into the area of the socially marginalized.
You become one of those people that are, at first glance, given wide berth. Yes, once people get to know you, and realize you are not just some crazy old woman, (and friends who already know you) you are less marginalized. But life is hard enough with out becoming thought of as a CRAZY.

Now, I can’t fix 50 or Female—(and I am working on Fat) but I can’t pull of both Fat and Funky at my age! If I want to be Funky—and a bit wild—well then I need to lose some more weight!

Right now, I can get away with socks—and not hose with my skirts—even some pretty wild socks—if they more or less match the rest of my outfit.

A Brown skirt, a gold top (a T or proper blouse) and brown shoes, and my mast socks (browns and gold and russets tones) is a matched set—Sure, socks (plain socks!) are a bit uncommon and wild socks are definitely uncommon—but as a more or less matched set—they come across as slightly eccentric—or personal style.

But the same outfit (brown skirts/gold top/brown shoes) and mis-matched or socks of lime green/creamy orange/Pale purple (Knit Picks sock yarn in color way Snapdragon) –crosses over the line! I love the colors in the socks knit with the Snapdragon color way. But--they really don't match anything I own! I wear them (with mint green, or coral (not creamy orange) or with purple (not light purple) and they marginal match--but they are risky!

On Turquoise—and other colors

I love color—and my wardrobe has lots of it--Ok some colors end up being more common
(Like olive and other drab greens—I have a rosy complexion—and greens—especial drab greens tend to tone down my skin tone. Drab greens aren’t one of my favorite colors—but I do tend to garner comments when I wear them—they look good on me. )

I actually have 2 pairs of socks that are turquoise—but one pair is double thick color work—pretty—warm, and so thick I can only wear them with a single pair of shoes. Another pair has color work just in the heels and toes—and theses fit into more shoes—but I have several skirts, and 2 (identical!) jumpers, (American use of Jumper—an open necked, sleeveless dress (worn with a shirt underneath)) shorts and pants that are solidly, or predominately turquoise. 2 pairs of socks just don’t cut it!

On Stripes—

It always make me sad when new knitter skip over the use of stripes when they first decide to do ‘color work’. I love stripes—(and my collection of sock made with, and my stash of self striping sock yarn bear witness to this!) –and I have made spiral striped socks, and red and white striped socks (2 pairs! These, and similar pair that I gifte to my sister a few years ago) -- Yes weaving in all the ends can be a bother.

But unless the stripes are wide—well I just carry the yarn. And I make it a habit of weaving in the ends as I go—(note the image of my current Turquoise socks—the Cast on (black) the white stripe and the black stripe ends have all been finished already!)

There are a few sets of striped socks in my mental queue—one set of simple striped socks—(red, white, then 3 shade of grey, then black--I don't plan on carrying the stripes into the foot) and one set of Roy B BIV socks –with perhaps a grey or taupe between the stripes.

I want to make (or rather remake!) a pair of stripes socks like these for myself too—I made these for a swap—and hated parting with them. I have a lot of this yarn (Laine Calzetteria—a bargain sock yarn that I bought (more than a dozen skeins!)for as little as $1.50 a skein!)—I don’t always like short colors repeats –but I love how they look when combined with a solids stripe.

Socks for Swap


JelliDonut said...

I LOVE those blue striped socks!

FuguesStateKnits said...

I second that - they are beautiful!
I also agree with your 4F theory, having all four of them can be a problem for me sometimes. But then there's the 5th F - "F'em if they can't take a joke!"

FuguesStateKnits said...

PS You're still a kid to me - I'm 56!

Anonymous said...

I third the socks sentiment.
Very nice point with the four Fs. While I can respect an individual who goes out looking "quirky" without caring what people think, there's something to be said for a well put-together outfit.