Monday, March 08, 2010

Growth Sprurt.

The gussets are not quite finished-- but close (the marker is there to mark the center of the sole).

The gusset stitches were picked up on the sole (under side of the sock) but the gusset decreases were made on the Instep (top) of the sock.

This meant I was repositioning stitches ever row—a bit of PITA to do when working 2 on 2 For the ‘center stitches’ I tend to just slip a few stitches onto a stitch marker, (un knit) and then on the second half of the round, these stitches are put on the needle and knit.

If I were methodical, I would move 1 stitch per round—and keep careful track.
But I am not methodical! Some rounds I forget, some rounds I move 4 stitches at a go (catching up and getting ahead of my self at the same time!)—I am currently just 1 or 2 stitches away from having the correct number on the sole of the sock.

But the instep still has too many stitches. The gusset won’t be finished until the garter stitches in the center front have been ‘decreases away’.

I might continue decreasing on the top (and start increasing on the bottom!) for a shaped sole/fitted arch—I haven’t yet decided! but it is my current plan (so much so, I've left 33 (not 30) stitches on the sole--the extra stitches will be needed if i go with a shaped sole.

The whole heel (flap, turn and gusset are slightly oversized. The stitch pattern is less stretchy (than average) definately less stretchy than stocking knit, so there were 9 extra stitches in the sock top(the cuff and leg--69 stitches, not my usual 60)

The flap was half the stitches (36+1) –and I really couldn’t decrease because I wanted the leaf tips to attached in the last 5 stitches of the hyacinth group--(the leg back had a center group of 2o stitches, plus 6 (the purl 'ditch' stitches) +10 (5 stitches ) from the flower head group either side. The leaves (both the back and front ones) are positioned on those first/last 5 stitches of the flower head.

I did sneek in a single stitch decrease to make the flap 35 stitches, not 36--but that is still 5 stitches (over .5 of an inch!) bigger than I would normally make.

The extra stitches in the flap meant more stitches left over after the turning was complete.
Making the flap square (36 rows of flap) resulted in more stitches picked up for gussets.

I suppose I could have made the flap shorter—but I have a high instep and like a deep flap (as it is, it’s only 2.5 inches—not extra deep)

Well a stitch here, and stitch there, and I had over 90 stitches before I started the gusset! And since the foot is stocking knit (and 60 stitches are fine) the gussets are deep and long. So much so, I think I am going to run out of green yarn.

I have some options—
I can skein up some more yarn and dye another batch—I wouldn’t bother me if the toe(s) of sock is a different ‘dye lot’—
Or I can switch color yet again—and have some brown for the toes--dirt!

And I could be wrong—I might have enough yarn—(time will tell!) The extra long gussets changes everything! The sole is already 3.5 inches long—(of 9 inches) so I’ve already knit more of the foot than I would with another design.

For SURE—my next socks (maybe my next 2 or 3 socks!) are going to be simple ones!

If you subscribe to PieceWork (and interweave publications) you might not be interested in this special edition –but if you don’t—do think about picking it up. It is a fine collection of knitting patterns, history and techniques. Think of it as a soft cover book of patterns (there are enough sock patterns alone to justify the price!)


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Those socks are sure getting cuter by the day.

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they are even better in person.