Wednesday, March 10, 2010


About 6 inches of the foot is complete—(of about 9 expected inches!)

But I am rapidly running out of green yarn—a few more rounds and I’ll be completely out!

The toes will require me to dye some more yarn green—or perhaps dye some yarn brown (for dirt!)

I am likely to take the partial skeins of white (from the top) and dye each –one green and one brown and see which I like best!

The green is just food coloring –so it shouldn’t be to hard to get the same colors—more or less. I don’t were open toed shoes that often, so slightly darker/slightly lighter won’t matter much.

The brown is a more of an issue.. it’s a commercial dye—and it has a big skull and cross bones—the stuff is toxic. So it will require a bit of care.. (rubber gloves and the like!)

I sort of like the idea of having brown/dirt for the toes.

Still the deciding factor will be what get done (and when!) the weather has been warm this past 5 days (about 10° warmer than expected) but I have been nursing a cold (a cold, not the flu) stuff nose, and tired, but not bone weary and fever!

I drag myself to work—and go home and sleep.. after a few hours, some soup, and more sleep! I am not sure I am up to the effort of skeining up some yarn, and nuking it for 5 minutes!

It’s pretty pathetic—I seem to be moaning and groaning all the time about being tired—but it’s true,I always am tired! But tired is a side effect (of arthritis, of fibromyalgia, of bad habits (staying up too late!)) Things could be worse—(I am not dead yet!)


JelliDonut said...

The socks are looking great! Brown toes sound like a lot of fun. As for tired--I can relate. Have you had your vitamin D blood levels checked?

Virginia G said...

The socks look cool! I love the idea that you will be dyeing some yarn for this project. That's really cool.

I've been exhausted too lately. Don't know what's going on. Ugh.