Friday, March 19, 2010

Miss Represent

Or maybe, misrepresent.

When I last spoke of (or for that matter DID) any actually knitting, I said I was at the end of the green yarn.

This is half true. One skein of green yarn was nearing an end— but the other skein –since they had not been divided evenly-- was still big enough to be a coherent ball.

This morning –after 7 full hours of uninterrupted sleep!—I am finally after 2 weeks-- beginning to feel human and alive. So pick up the hyacinths, and went to work.

On the way in to work this AM I got a dozen or so rounds worked.

The END of the green? There was enough for 2 full rounds.(the yarn was twisted and coiled, and obviously there was more there than I realized!

Then I took the other end of the small (and now, smaller still!) green ball, and I am now working from both ends. The little ball is now shrinking at twice the rate!

Except; with every other round, there are fewer stitches, (I started with 62 and I am now down 26—so it take less yarn to complete each round.

Will I have enough? I dunno! But I think so. The foot is about 8.75 inches long—and I need 9 inches (and maybe a little more) I think I have enough to work a half dozen more rounds, and to graft the toe closed.

I am stopping now to knit--and maybe before I head home—I’ll have a photo of completed socks!

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JelliDonut said...

Can't wait to see it!