Monday, March 22, 2010

Set A and Set B

If you made a set of the colors of the clothing in my wardrobe, (call it Set A) and made a second set of the colors of the socks I knit,(call that Set B) you’d find that while there is about 50% overlap, (good!) it's not quite as good as it looks.

Yes, there are some green socks (the new Hyacinths!)—but the greens in my wardrobe tend to be sage, or light olive, or dark (forest) greens. The greens in my socks? Lime. Even the pretty hyacinths don’t really match much—pretty as they are!

Colors that predominate in my socks (reds!) are just a small portion of my clothes.
Some colors that predominate in my wardrobe (corals) have 0% corresponding socks. (I have some sock yarn in my stash that is sort of coral—its really orange and pinks and some other colors—so soon there will be something.)

I am making a conscious effort to resolve this disparity.

Today—I'll be casting on some simple, simple socks.

A bit of ‘fancy’ at the cast on—a tubular cast on in black, followed by a white cuff, and then Patons Kroy Jacquards will take over—color way turquoise.

A bright turquoise, and some soft sage/light green, black and some soft grayish blue.

I have LOTS of turquoise (from soft water colors to deep teals) clothes. One pair of socks won’t balance the Set A and Set B—but like the black and white subway socks, it will help.

And these lovelies have got me thinking too—wouldn’t socks with a daffodil theme be lovely?—How can I do that? (I’m thinking!) –I have a some yellow clothes—and no yellow socks.


teabird said...

I think daffodil-themed socks would be wonderful - either the cultivated daffodils or the wild. Can't wait to see what you create!

Rebecca Clayton said...

Call your socks your collection of "accent" colors. We all need little sparks of boldness in our wardrobes, and where better than socks?

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I like to have not-so-matching accessories, just because they brighten up my day.
Then again, having a coordinated wardrobe must be fantastic, as well.