Friday, March 05, 2010

There and gone

(and no photographic record of it!)

The 4 new leaf tips got knit—and knit in place.. well almost knit in place..

Knit in place backwards!—that was Wednesday evening. It took me 3 rounds to notice. I really need to avoid anything that requires thought after 9PM.

I am most definitely a morning person (and now that the sun is up before me (just by a few minutes, but enough that I wake before the alarm, to sunlight (and not still dark day!) I am happy to get up.

But I really should go to bed at 9—(not after 11!) even afternoon naps (an all to common an occurrence) don’t help--with them I can stay awake (later)but I don't think well as the evening goes on.

I half thought to frog the 3 rounds yesterday.. but somehow, time got past me.. and it just didn’t get done--and then last night—An Adventure.

I was off to Brooklyn and the Park Slope Knitting Circle (at Sweet Melissa’s with yummy cupcakes and other sweets!). I broke my own rule—and didn’t take the highway (my general rule for getting round Brooklyn is: NEVER leave the highway!) but the highway (literally a highway—most of the BQE is an elevated roadway!) was bumper to bumper.. and even allowing extra time (1.30 hours for what took me less than 45 minutes going home)—It wasn’t going to work.

So with an incomplete map—and a bit of courage, I worked my way along a bunch of streets (Maurice (Queens) to Metropolitan (Queens into Brooklyn) to Union, to Flushing, to Vanderbuilt, to Prospect Park and finally 7th Avenue--(and did it in about 1 hour!)

The best part of the evening (from a very limited point of view!) was coming home to a perfect parking space! (Thursday and Fridays are alternate side of the street parking days in my neighborhood—and parking is always an issue!) Last night I had the choice of 3 spaces!—(I took the one closest to my back door!) normally it not uncommon for me to have to circle the block, (looking, hoping!) or wait 15 to 20 minutes for a space to open up--so finding a choice of spaces waiting for me was wonderful.

From a more realistic view—it was the company that made the evening! It was fun to see some friends I haven’t seen in along time. I wish it was easier to get to Park Slope (I could take the subway—and walk 8 blocks)—and maybe when the weather is nicer, I’ll do that once in a while--Driving --even when I am lucky enough to return to a glut of parking options--is just too much.

So this AM—on the subway!—I frogged (I had not just a seat, but a good seat!) and remounted the socks back on the needles—and will start again –and get the little leaves knit in place –correctly!

It won’t be long then—the foot of a sock –so much plain stocking knit is always fast work! Just wait till tomorrow—I‘ll take some photo’s tonight or early tomorrow and post my progress!


JelliDonut said...

Can't wait to see the photos. As for parking in your neighborhood, makes me grateful for my garage. Glad it worked out for you.

Robyn said...

Amazing how parking and seats on the train can make all the difference, isn't it?

BTW, did you mail in your onion skin hat? I didn't see it in our pile today.....