Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Toes Closed—

Heels open.

So-- as I thought—the commute home was just long enough to finish the toes of the Turquoise socks. I only had 1 round to work at home before finishing them.

Then after dinner—I grafted the remaining stitches—(and some how in the process, misplaced my favorite tapestry needle!) Toes completed, I undid the waste yarn that marked the heel placement, and picked up the live stitches--42 per side—a grand total of 84—and started to work my way to the finished sock.

I started the heel with a black stripe—both to echo the black cast on, and to gloss over the slight difference in the stripe pattern. This yarn like most self striping yarns is close—but no cigar—by the time I reached the heel the pattern was off by a round. Look at the finished toes and the difference is more noticeable! (see image below)

Fortunately I don’t have many open toe shoes (I do have a few pairs of clogs, and some sneakers with open backs—so heels matter more than toes in my world!)

For the heels, I am once again starting at the same point in the color pattern for both heels--close to--but not exacty matching the stripe pattern of the instep.

I could have done more work on them –and started the self striping yarn last night—but--these are my subway socks and while I won’t finish them tonight on the way home—(unless there are exceptional delays)I will likely go to my LICKnits group and work on them tonight at knit night. I might have them finished tonight!

But the worst cast is being stuck on a subway with NO knitting!--and the rain (rain? I think the north east US is developing a monsoon season!) has been known to cause flooding and delays in the subway.

Instead I un-did some knitting. I frogged the half done (for over 2 years now) pair of socks I had started with this yarn. I like the yarn, and I like the pattern I was working—but not that pattern with this yarn. I knew I was never going to finish—so better to undo and start again with a better match of pattern to yarn.

Right now—(but that is almost meaningless) I am leaning to SKEW—one of those rare sock patterns that has caught my interest—very definitely a different pattern!

But when I actually get around to knitting this yarn--Who knows! Maybe something else will have caught my fancy--or I’ll just do a simple top down or toe up sock and let the yarn shine. The color way is called Jewel Tone—and I like them mix of colors—and there are enough different colors—(and enough of blue) that they will be a good “go with” a lot of different clothes.

And I cast on for another pair of plain jane self striping socks—More Kroy—(I could do a showcase of all the socks I have knit with Kroy yarn!) several shades of light and dark blues—Good go with denim colors!

I think these newest self striping socks are going to be a simple rib--a strong vertical element to contrast with the horizontal stripes of the yarn –maybe a 5X 1 rib—and some eyelets in the purl column—Well time will tell! But plain jane socks knit up fast--(just look at how fast the Turquoises socks have been knit up!) --and utilitarian socks that match clothing (vs creative socks--that look lovely and rarely get worn!) are what are needed right now.

And I’ll have too—at some point-- get back to having an at home project to work on—I haven’t really been knitting much at home—a month ago—I caught a cold—and when it was over—a sinus infection (that is 99% gone—but my sinuses remain slight enflamed—just enough to create a post nasal drip—that keeps my coughing and from sleeping well.

But enough—that last paragraph bordered on TMI—I like to focus on my good health—(knock wood!—she says and she raps on her skull!) since more of me works and works well(a litany of minor aliments --like unrequited love—is a bore!)

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