Monday, March 29, 2010


Already toes? Yes—it hardly seems possible—but I did the math.
(no photo’s today—you’ll have to wait till tomorrow!)

I need a foot that is 9 inches long (Parse that!) –and I know, from previous experience, my ‘standard' (any of several versions of a flat or French toe) is about 2 inches long.

And my heel? Well 42 (84) stitches reduced to 10 is 32 stitch decreases—at 2 decreases every other row—that is a 32 row (actually 34—the first round doesn’t have any decreases; then a pattern of Decrease round/no decrease) and the final ‘round’ is the row created by grafting.) That is (and I confirmed this by checking my gauge the already knit leg portion of the socks) 3.25 inches for the heel.

So 3 (.25) Plus, 2 equals 5—and all I need is 4 inches of foot (4+5=9)—and I am there!

So today—the toe—(I’ll finish knitting the toes on the subway) and tonight, at home, grafting them. While I am at it, I’ll undo the waste yarn and pick up the stitches for the heel (not a really a task best performed on the subway) and by the end of the month—3 days from now!--I’ll have a new pair of socks!

Speaking of socks—you do know how it is with the cobblers children (with run down heels) or the plumbers family (leaky faucets)?—Well yesterday, wonder of wonder—the Tsock Tsarina (normally sock less) actually was wearing a pair of socks (her own design—naturally!) a completed pair—

Have you thought about designers? –especially small indy designers?
Lisa has to design (knit and document) and have ‘samples’ at the ready—for display at places like Rhinebeck—and other fiber fairs.

For her to have a pair of socks for her self, she has to knit a second pair!She knits and knits and knits socks and she knits lovely socks as gifts, too so she rarely has a spare pair for herself! It’s a wonder she has any!

But then, yesterday was a wild and crazy day at Panera's—there was a big turn out. Including a guest from Glasgow—Chalyn-- who brought masses and masses of UK candy—which resulted in some pretty strange behavior in and of its self—(see the candy debris—we were like kids let loose in candy store—and there was enough sugar in the air to get a contact high!) and some resulting craziness! Like Amy climbing up on the bench to get just the right view of the mess!

PS—Robin—the metal things you see are the heads of T pins—I used them to hold the knitting in place! (the afterthought heel is marked with a strand (hard to see) of waste yarn. I pinned the knitting to stretch out the little gussets. With out pins, they are nigh on impossible to see (except when being worn, and even then—you have to look for them!)

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