Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Turquoise Expresses Itself

I’ve now done one full ‘repeat’ of the color way. The cuff started with the few rows of turquoise, followed by light blue—and I am now back to the light blue--these are definitely mostly turquoise. (The toothpick is my ‘cable needle'!)

Needs—(I just can’t afford $20 a skein sock yarns!)—requires me to buy economical sock yarn (well, needs because I obsessively knit socks!).

There are some lovely socks yarns out there—Hand-painted and custom crafted color ways. And I‘ve knit socks with some (Cherry Tree Hill for one, if I think of the other brand—I’ll add it.) but I haven’t been over awed by the results. It's not that I don’t like the results—it’s just the results aren’t so spectacular that I see these yarns as worth the extra expense.

My knitting friends “Ooh” and “Ahh” over some of my socks—and time and time again, when they ask “What yarn?”—They are surprised (again and again!) when I say “Lion Brand” or “Kroy”, or “Heart and Sole” (or even “Calzeteria”—a heavy (a DK weight really) yarn that is a bargain $3 a skein (and I’ve bought a dozen skeins when it was on sale—50% off!)

They are surprised by the color-ways, by the hand, by the overall result. You’d think by now, they would get it. Great sock yarn doesn’t have to be expensive. And great socks are the result of workmanship—not just fancy yarns.

I’ve made self striping yarn into dead plain socks—used the same yarn from the cast on to the toe. Knit a cuff and then worked in stocking knit (or ribbing, or some other simple stitch)—except for the heel--from tip to toe. But more often than not, I like to add a detail or two.

And while I own a half dozen books of socks patterns, aside from Nancy Bush’s Knitting Vintage Socks—and Anne Zilboorg’s Simply Socks—I almost never knit a sock from a pattern –though I will admit, I do get ideas from some of the other books.

Sometimes, because I like a design—I’ll copy elements. Other times, because I hate the design—and think that it could be done BETTER—and that I am the knitter to do it better I will ‘reinvent’ someone else’s design.

Meanwhile, back to the current socks! I am not sure—but I think the white is too bright on the cuff. It might get over-dyed with a very light blue or grey when I am finished knitting. There is a small amount of creamy white in the color way—but there is neither enough of it --and it’s not bright enough to make the white look like it fits in.


JelliDonut said...

I guess great minds think alike, at least color-wise. I'm working with turquoise right now, but strictly solid, a departure for me. Can't wait to see your finished socks.

Unknown said...

These are really pretty. What yarn did you use?