Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Commenced Toes

But haven’t knit enough to make a significant change—8 rounds just don’t look like much (and 56 stitches are still a lot stitches on the needles!)

I had decreased the sole stitch count to 37 (from 39) when I worked the gusset, and I decreased the instep to 37 by working a set of decreases when I changed from the ripple pattern to plain stocking knit—I was on the dark brown stripe then—and the decreases are almost impossible to see—even for me, and I know where to look!

I worked late last night (a full 8 hour day—instead of my usually part time day of 6.5 hours—but it seemed a lot longer.)

Traveling at rush hour make a big difference—normally my commute is 45 to 50 minutes (door to door)—but at rush hour—it was 70 minutes. A full 20 minutes longer. A long commute by most measures.

Later, the trains are crowded—and things are different—more pan handlers—last night it was a horn (trumpet) player. It’s times like that that make me wish I had an I-pod and head phones to block out external noise.

But I’ve had head phones, and pods and buds, and all sorts of things that go in or over my ears; I started 30 years ago with a walkman—and graduated to a disk man—and I’ve tried then all--and hate them all.

So I’ve avoided buying an I-pod—and every once in a while I am subject to being bombarded with music not of my choice.

I had planned to go to Tuesday knit night in LIC—but it was already late when I got home—and I sat down to just rest my eyes for a moment—I sat where the setting sun was shining on my face—since—the theory was—I wouldn’t actually fall asleep if I was facing the sun.

An hour later, it was too late to head out—so I stayed in, and after dinner worked on the faded clown barf cotton scarf.

The new narrow scarf is 19 inches long, and at the not half way point (the end of the skein) of version 1. When I get to the almost half way point (the end of the skein) I will reverse the increases and decreases—and end up with a gull shaped scarf (you know those open V’s that pass for birds on the wing in stick drawings!)

I started the scarf with only increases (till it was wide enough) –exactly how I started the first (unsuccessful version) so I have a built in landmark for working the end—with out running out of yarn.

If I don’t waste half the evening taking a late nap—(which left me sleepless till midnight!) again tonight—I’ll make some real progress on this.

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Anonymous said...

The knitting as you frog (frogging as you knit?) photo is fantastic!