Wednesday, April 14, 2010


(Accompanied with the sound of my palm hitting my forehead)

OK—soi have knit 5 inches—some progress has been made.

I am very happy with how these socks look and feel. I like the way the stitch pattern softens and mutes the stripe pattern. I love the way the stitch pattern is scrunched up (they way ribbing compacts and scrunches up)—even though this stitch pattern is worked entirely in knit stitches. And I like how it looks stretch out as it will be when worn.

But—not all sock yarns are created equal—I have knit several pairs of socks in quick succession with Patons Kroy—and I do really like Kroy—but this yarn is half the size! It's finer than the Trekking, too. It’s the finest sock yarn I have knit with in some time!

A 50gm skein of Kroy is a scant 166 yard—the Sensations Soles and More is a 60gm skein—and its 262 yards—maybe I’ll pull out my wraps per inch tool and measure the difference tonight—(I don’t usually care that tool with me in my knitting bag.)

I knit the Kroy yarn on size 2/2.75mm needles and it knits up to a dense 8 stitches per inch.
The Sensation yarn is being knit on size 1’s (2.25 mm needles—not even a silly millimeter difference)—and yet the needles (and stitches!) are so much smaller! –
It is just as dense a stitch-(it’s hard to measure the gauge with the pattern, but it’s finer than 9 stitches per inch—(though I don’t think its 10 or more stitches per inch—but some fraction between 9 and 10.)

Each R of these socks is 78 stitches (the un-stretched sock is about 3.75 inches per side/or about 7.5 inches –but as I said, the stitch pattern scrunches up—and they will fit my wide (EEE) feet fine –I’ve tried them on to be sure!

I always try on socks several times to make sure the cast on and fabric of the sock is stretchy enough to easily pull over my heels—occasionally, an arthritis flair up make pulling on socks difficult—so easy to pull on socks are a must.

But 78 stitches per R! That is 25 to 30% more stitches than I usually use. It takes longer to knit each round—and cumulatively, that makes a difference. And it takes more rounds to knit a inch. Instead of 8 to 10 rounds being completed on the way home, I am only getting 6 and half.. and instead of 8 rounds being an inch and faction, it takes 12 round to knit an inch!

Of course-- these socks are slow going!

The actually knitting is fast—the pattern is not hard
R1: Pattern row A, R2: plain knitting, R3: Pattern row B, R4: plain knitting and I had the 2 different pattern rows memorized in an instant—but there are so many stitches in each round, it takes so many rounds to make an inch! (And I have such big feet!—long (size 9) and wide, and high instep, too!)

But it’s not a race—and I haven’t even been working on these socks for a week yet— so its not as if they are taking forever. I am enjoying knitting them--they are a pleasing pattern and color.

I am getting closer to the heel—and then, after the heel—things just pick up speed!--Its just right now, I feel I am knitting row after row, and have nothing to show for it!

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JelliDonut said...

Love this stitch pattern for self-striping yarn.