Monday, April 19, 2010


The yarn lied. The scale lied. It’s everyone’s fault but mine.

I started with a cast on of 3—I ran out of yarn when I still had 9 stitches on the needle. (12 every decreasing rows short!)

I could undo the cast on, and shorten the other end, and maybe even graft some of the yarn onto the bind off end--but it’s cotton. I can’t count on a spit splice or Russian join. Cotton need firm weaving in. And besides it would still be short—shorter than I’d like.

I will reknit as a straight scarf—I am not going to bother un-doing and balling up—I will frog as I knit. But not right now! But soon—it really is a pretty effect knit up.

On the other hand—my socks are coming along nicely.
Now that I am working on the foot, I get to see how this yarn stripes up.

I am a big fan of self striping yarn of all sorts. I love the colors, the stripe patterns, and fun of knitting the yarns up. You only have to look at my Ravelry project pages to see—pair after pair, brand after brand—most of my socks are made with self striping yarns.

But—on the other hand—I want to have a hand in the sock design.

Sure, I knit generic socks—with no added embellishment—from self striping yarns. But more often than not, I add something; a solid contrasting cuff, a lace pattern, a cable—something of my own design. Some detail to make the socks mine, and not simply what the yarn company is serving up.

With every inch I knit, I am happier with the ripple stitch pattern. It doesn’t obscure the stripes entirely—but it dramatically changes them.

Look at the soles—folded over the leg. The stripe pattern is rather nice.

(and the quality is wonderful—I started not exactly at the same point in the color way--but about 10 stitches off of a perfect match for the pattern. Now, 70% or so done, the stripe is about 30 stitches off-- Less than half a round off a perfect match. If I look hard, I can see it—but mostly just as I am knitting.

But the leg and instep? Still striped, but so different! Muted and textured, stripe is so much more interesting!

My next pair of sock is going to be simpler—a generic sock—well a generic sock with a bit of contrast at the cuff and likely the heel flap—(so as to minimize the disruption in stripe pattern)— and I am holding off on starting them.

Before I do, I am going to do some mending. A few years ago, I got a pair of sock in a swap—and they are lovely. Full of details—a fancy arching lace stitch pattern, a picot cuff, and beautiful hand painted yarn—but the toe is too tight. I’ve worn them once (I remember the day—it was Yarn Harlot’s trip to NYC for her last book!) by the end of the day, my toes were cramped in agony.

I am going to cut the graft, un-ravel the decreases, re-do and add a bit of contrasting yarn to extend the toe a few rounds. It’s pretty silly to have a beautiful pair of sock being unworn for a few minutes effort!

I’ll take a before picture of the socks tomorrow—and get to undoing and reknitting them some time later this week.


JelliDonut said...

Yikes! Sorry about the scarf. I like your idea of frogging as you knit. Makes sense.

Mary said...

Love the krog as you knit idea!! Alos wanted to thank you for the encouraging sock email you sent me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry about the scarf. I agree with the previous commenters.. frogging as you knit sounds like a fantastic idea (as far as frogging goes..)