Thursday, April 15, 2010

Flapping my heels

OK once I realize I wasn’t slacking off and just need to knit more rows (and more stitches to complete a row!) to get an inch done—I got an inch done –and then some.

I started yesterday a row or two past 5 inches, ended last night with a bit over 6.5 inches of leg, and started the heel flap. With a 2.5 inch flap the total length –cuff to bottom of the heel will be 9 inches—about my standard size sock.

I am continuing the same stitch pattern into the heel—as mentioned, about half my shoes are open (or almost open) backs—and besides, this scrunchy stitch pattern gives plenty of padding for a heel and will easily work if worn with regular shoes or sneakers.

To be truthful—I don’t worry much about wearing socks out. I have over 40 pairs, and well, with an average of 30 days to the month—each pair gets worn so infrequently that wear is not a major issue. And I am not that hard on socks—some of my socks are going on 7 years old—and still going strong. And when I knit them, I didn’t have a surplus—I wore (and washed, and wore!) them more frequently.

If I continue to knit sock at the rate I have been doing—I am going to have a real problem—as it is the sock drawer is stuffed (and over stuffed) and I count on having some socks in the hamper—but soon even that won’t work! And here I am--a few rows into the heel flap –and rapidly approaching yet another pair of completed socks!

I am doing a German style flap for these socks. Instead of a slip stitch on each edge, (and heel stitch for the center) I am working the first and last 3 stitches in garter stitch. (How tiny those stitches are!)—the main stitch pattern is a 3 stitch repeat—so this works perfectly—1 repeat on each side becomes garter, and the main field stays in pattern.

When it comes time to pick up stitches for the gusset, I’ll pick up 1 stitch every garter stitch bump—just as easy as 1 stitch per chain.

I am not the least bit concerned about the striping pattern changing with this style heel—I think the stitch pattern mutes the stripes so effectively, it won’t matter in the least that the stripes are out of sequence.

Last night I untangled some very pretty cotton yarn (a destash gift)—I think I have 2 full skeins (and a partial skein) –I’ll pop the balls onto a scale and see what they collectively weigh—50gms are about 130 yards—they are asking to be turned into a summery scarf—and maybe I’ll listen to them. 250 yards won’t make a very big scarf—but a big scarf isn’t needed for the summer is it?

Actually the scarf will be more of an accessory—(a style element) than something worn for warm.


Mary said...

I love all your socks!!
Man I wish I could bte the bullet and just try to make a pair!!

Anonymous said...

A cotton scarf sounds perfect for summer!