Monday, April 26, 2010

Flower Power

Two weeks ago, I bought a hanging basket of petunias for work.
They hang out side the small store front, blocking a small part of my view—but providing a view in and of themselves.

So far, a few people have stopped in—and commented (how lovely they are) . Some had missed the slip of store—so it is good for business—other way for people to notice us.

Others people have stopped to photograph them—I don't know if it is for personal pleasure, or if are writing a newsletter about the neighborhood.. and it doesn't matter really.

The basket was a whole of $12—and has easily given me a dollar a day worth of pleasure in the past 14 days—and can look forward to many weeks (MONTHS) more. How simple and inexpensive it is to create joy.

There is more joyful gardening just 20 feet or so up the block-- one of the newer street trees has a protective fence (repeated urination by dogs is extremely destructive to tree bark). The fence is topped with 3 planters. Saturday, they were replanted with snapdragons, and begonias and coleus and more.

There are several of these pretty planters in the neighborhood—along with the flowers in the mall, they are part of what makes this city scape a bit softer and more natural.

And there is knitting.. and since I worked Saturday, I got some knitting done on my commute—a lot really!

Friday saw a cast on a single repeat of the color pattern. Now I have 2 more repeats completed.. and over 5 inches of leg. Before the day is over, I'll be starting on the heel flap.. and by the end of the week I'll have pair 4 of socks for this fourth month of the year.

This image is clearer and brighter than last week's—look close and you can see that the all too seemingly solid dark turquoise is, actually, just like the other colors, patterned--subtly, but patterned all the same.

The Clown Barf Cotton scarf is being worked on too, and I have reached the half way point. I'll do a bit more tonight, and show you the progress tomorrow.


JelliDonut said...

Your hanging basket makes me want to go to the plant nursery. Wonder if I dare. Might be tempting more snow.

I really need to find some of that Kroy--so pretty!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing the simple joy of flowers.
That yarn is fascinating!