Thursday, April 08, 2010

Gussets Done, And a Bit More

It’s day 6 and they are still not done—but they are moving along. Now that I am back to the base count, and the pattern (simple as it is) is confined to the instep –it’s a matter of hours till they are done.

They still will need to be finished. I have the cast on to undo—and a something to do at the top edge—but—that will be fun and fast to do.

I mentioned yesterday—these socks are perfect—and in so many little ways, they are so much better than the first pair of this design—so much so that next month—I will be making another pair of the Cross Purpose socks (in another color way of the Kroy Stripes)—and I will be perfecting and documenting the process.

I rarely knit socks from established pattern—Right from the start—(when I was 9) I thought I could design knitting as good (or Better!) than anyone else. I couldn't then--but it didn't stop me from thinking it! I still think that is true--and at this point it is often is.

Usually I don’t make the effort to knit and re-knit and get all the details right—and I only document a few of my designs.. This pattern is so simple and such a pleasurable to knit; and results in a such a pleasing sock—well—enough said—the pattern is going to be documented.

The first pair worked—but there were minor details—(I SEE THEM, even if you don’t!) that were just—not failures--but also not perfection. I did more pre planning and gave a bit more thought to Beaded Beauties—The efforts paid off. The details work—the socks are actually easier to knit—and look better.

So –when not knitting—I am detailing the directions.

I am going to roll the two versions of the pattern together—and offer a few options—choices in the details--cast ons, yarns, sizes, gauges, with beads, or with eyelets—a host of options! These details, and the placement and positioning of the ribs perfected—it will be a nice package.

As a knitter who knits 2 socks at a time (so as to avoid second sock syndrome!) that I have knit the same basic design twice—back to back--And I am already looking forward to knitting another pair!—well that just amazes me!

And as a bonus—cause really seeing just another image of the same socks you saw yesterday(Okay a few inches more knitting, but boring!) some floral eye candy—not the neon lights parts of Broadway is known for—but every bit as eye catching.

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