Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day—Recycling

First--some lovely eye candy--azaleas with morning dew.

Perhaps, instead of labeling this post Recycling, I should have said dumpster diving.
Yes, I do it. And I did it yesterday.
The local chain drug store dumpster was overflowing—and I went to look.
My score:

A (used) power strip extension cord. I use these all the time--For little LED lights (that are threaded into the ficus,) or for the accent lamps, or for the book shelf lamp, or accents lights for dark corners, or general lighting.

I started using compact florescent lamps more than 20 years ago*, and now have graduated to using low voltage halogen and LED lights—they are wonderful –but so many plugs to plug in! (I have written before about how light obsessed I am)
*it is an earth day post, and I have been doing earth friendly things for a long time

I know how to calculate amps—and I don’t worry when I piggy back one power strip onto another. I have been known to load up the 15 amp circuit with a dozen sets of mini/low voltage lamps—that use less than a grand total of 2 amps—spread out over 6 or 8 or sometimes 10 fixtures. That lets me totally control the light in my huge living/dining room space—from night light level barely there lighting, to being lit up like a Christmas tree—a rare thing!—or anywhere in between.
All these small low voltage fixtures mean I need lots of outlets to be able to plug into—power strips are a must! Some of the fixtures are set up to chain—and I don’t always need an outlet for each one. But one book case and wall unit can generate a lot plugs!

I almost never have ALL those low voltage light on at once—it’s just so convenient to use the on/off switch on a power strip to turn on groups of lights at one. I label the strips, too, in my OCD way-so it’s easy to keep track of which one controls which lights or which fixtures.

I use power strips for all my rechargers too—So can turn them on (and charge phone, or battery packs)—and then turn them off—and not have a constant power drain. At this point, almost all my battery use is the rechargeable kind.

A half dozen bottles (1 oz size) of Burt’s Bees shampoo—these went immediately into my pool bag—Score one for a bit of luxury and chlorine free hair!

A hair clip—1 of 2 on a hang tag—one (the black one) was broken—one (the tortoise shell) was fine. Not my favorite style, but another item that went immediately into the pool bag—it’s always handy to have another hair clip at the pool.

An aerosol can of number 45 sun screen (expiration date 09/2012)—missing a cap. A missing cap is not a deal breaker for me—not on an aerosol can. I go through lots of sun screen—and it’s not cheap. A can like this isn’t really damaged or contaminated by missing a cap—(though I can understand, it might not be readily saleable).

The Big SCORE?

A 1 gig compact flash drive! Hermetically sealed as they are— a totally safe bet! It had a $40 price tag on the box—(chances are prices have come down on these—or remained the same—only now the CF’s are 4 gig)

Who can’t use a compact flash drive? (Well—maybe if you don’t have slots in your computer or lap top you can’t, but I do!) If nothing else, a convenient way to store photo’s (instead of clogging up my hard drive)—and I have thousand of those! I also got a second drive-- a MS –(also 1 gig) my desk top has a slot for this drive, too. It’s less useful but –hey, I’ll do my part re-cycling electronics!

And finally a pair of good quality, clip on sun glasses.
I own a pair of prescription sun glasses—and have, for going on 40 years now, had prescription sun glasses. My pale blue eyes are very sun sensitive—I always am wearing sun glasses to protect my eyes.

But I have also been known to leave my sunglasses in the pool bag—when I am heading out to knitting or somewhere else. Or to leave them in the car--when I am heading to the pool! Or leave them home (because its winter, or I’ve forgotten them.)

They aren’t perfect –my frames are a matt silvery titanium—the clip ons are gold tone. But I’ll deal with it!

Now, I have one spare pair (my old ones) in the car, and one in my purse (the new pair) and a case with the clip ons in my knitting bag! I should, in theory at least, never be with out shades.

In addition to dumpster diving, I went out to dinner—so even though I finished the knitting the toes of my Ripple socks—they still need to be grafted—something I don’t do on the subway—and something I didn’t do last night! This morning I grabbed them, and the other pair of socks.

I’ll graft the toes of the Green Ripple socks today at work, and then unravel the toes on the swap socks, and get them onto the freed up needles.

As I head home tonight, I’ll reknit the toes. Maybe I'll get the newly knit toes of the second pair grafted this evening!—Then by tomorrow, I will have 2 completed pairs of socks to share with you.

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JelliDonut said...

That is sad they would throw away so many useful things. When I lived in Germany, we would drive around on trash day, to see what was being discarded on the curb. You wouldn't believe all the great furniture they would leave for the garbage truck.