Saturday, April 10, 2010

Just off the Needles—Done-- but Not Finished

Oh they are beauties aren't they? What a happy pair of socks to knit! I am going to insist on an high price (way below what they are worth!) for these when my DD has her craft fair fund raiser—These are special socks.

I did the same square toe as I did with the Cross Purpose socks.--and while the color patterned strayed from perfect (drat that knot!) they are just a round or two away from identical; and since they end in the same pink—it's hardly noticeable.

Tonight? (Tomorrow for sure!) I'll undo the cast on edge, pick up and bind the cuffs--(and some beading will be included—but not to many beads!--an no fanciness beyond the beads!)

And as I mentioned—new socks were started even before these were finished –knitting.

I almost past up this color way of Sensation Soles & More (JoAnne's Fabric own line of sock yarn).
Why? Because I sometime can be a total idiot!

Look how well they match this skirt--(a dozen or so years old—but still going strong)

Okay, so the green is a bit darker, and the color balance isn't identical—but both—green/blue/2 shades of taupe, and cream. A perfect match with out being too matchy-matchy. And I have several other skirts with green and blue, or green and taupe and cream (and 2 pairs of green shoes!) and several green tops, --in silk, in rayon, in cotton! --and again in blue--and almost again in taupe. D'oh—these are just the colors I need--(why am I drawn to bright pinks or rose, or bright orange –from burnt umbers to true orange to peaches and corals sock yarns? Sure those colors are pretty—but greens and blues and taupes—those are the colors I wear!

I am working a different stitch pattern than I first envisioned—I cast on late at night—and planned on casting on 72—and using a traveling (cable) stitch. (And the yarn is very fine—and I am knitting on size 1's/2.25mm)

The cast on is tubular, the ribbing (un measured, but I am sure it is within a round or two of 1.5 inches!) is 1 X 1, --but when I started to place markers to start the stitch pattern—um, I discovered I can't count.

One sock had 78 stitches –the other, 76--(When will I learn how to count!?--or at least double check before I start knitting!)
I looked and looked and found something I thought might work (I was worried it would be too tight!) -I needed to add 2 stitches (78 it is for both socks/ 39 stitches per needle/side)—since the pattern is a multiple of 3. The stitch pattern is dead easy—it biases--(that's ok for a sock) and it's so soft and stretchy—not at all what I expected!

Well that is today's report—you'll have to wait till Monday to see the finished beauties and the progress on the green ripples.


JelliDonut said...

Someone is going to love those pink socks!

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful socks! You're right to demand a high price.

Thea said...

Nice socks! I still haven't done beading myself, and I'm always impressed when other people do it.