Friday, April 09, 2010

More of the same

2 stripes past the gusset this AM when I took the photo—(pink, lilac)
3 stripes past the gusset this AM by the time I got to work--(pink, lilac, pink)
Closing in on 6 inches of foot—

I’ll be starting the toe in not too many rounds—likely on the commute home this afternoon. I will easily been done knitting them by tomorrow (day 7!) –though I still will need an extra day to finish them off!

Not the fastest socks I’ve knit—but I generally get about 1 pair completed a month—this is pair 5 for this year!—I am ahead of the curve—and there are still 20 more days to work on pair 6! Last night—pair 6 for this year asserted them selves—and have been cast on. More about them tomorrow! (I can’t find on line info about the yarn, and don’t have any pictures…)

This morning, just as I approached the station—I hit a snag—or rather, a KNOT.

I untied it; and it’s clear the yarn was knotted, then dyed—so there is no disruption of the stripe—but untying also meant sliding off the remaining beads.

Now—if I want a fancy bead edge to the cuff—I have to restring a bunch of beads. I think I will undo the cast on, and just finish off with a tubular bind off--a fancy cuff is never NOT NEEDED--but these socks are quite pretty even with just a plain one.

I’ll keep the beads for something else!

I am sort of surprised by this sock knitting jag that I have been on—I have been knitting sock pretty steadily (about a pair a month) for the past 5 7 years or so.

But I am usually knitting A (something) and B (something—a hat or pair of socks)—and now it’s been a few months since I knit a hat (the last one was back in January!) and I haven’t been knitting anything else—No A (something)

There are things I want to knit (but…) and there are socks—that I don’t really want to own or wear–but want to knit! Every time I see a pair of color work socks (I only have to look at the cover of the Interweave’s special edition of Knitting Traditions) I want to knit a pair of toe up color work socks.

I've knit one pair (never wear them!) --and another pair of left over yarns-and a mish-mash of patterns.
I know that color work socks, no matter how finely knit –just don’t fit comfortable into my shoes (well they fit into 1 pair—but I own 70 or so pairs.) but… I keep looking, and thinking, how beautiful!—and I covet them.

I don’t covet my neighbors socks—I want my own—I want to make them myself—
And then—I think—well I could make mittens (but I never wear mittens either!) Oh Dear!

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JelliDonut said...

I HATE knots in my socks yarn and throw a big fit if I find one. You seem to take it so well.

I feel the same way about socks--I can never wear all the ones I want to knit, so I make them and give them to my mom and my bff. Problem solved.