Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Now You See Them, Now You Don’t

Well--that is not quite true—The sparkly little beads don’t fully disappear into the knitting when it’s relaxed—but almost.

This is how they looked yesterday afternoon—5 inches along then.
I’m now back to the light blue color—(the end of the color repeat) and closing in on 7 inches—and ready to start the heel.

These Beaded Beauties are progressing almost as fast at the Cross Purpose socks! And they are just as pleasing—I’ve never done much knitting with beads—and when I first strung the small tube of beads on to the yarn—they were so heavy! I was afraid they would weight down the socks—and make them saggy.

I’ve used about half of the beads –and spaced out as they are (6 every 3 rounds) they are weightless—or nearly so. (Half the beads--I bought one of those 6 inch long tubes--I don't remember how many by weight or by count--(but IIRC, about 200)

I am tempted to cut the yarn and slide off the remaining beads—but if I am going to do a beaded cuff trim—when I undo the uneven top edge—well I don’t want to have to restring them!

The Trekking is sold in 100gm skeins—and I divided it into 2 skeins—one I wound up- the other I just left as a hollowed out center pull skein.
The half I wound up was free of knots—and if the other skein is too, I will just continue to work with the beads strung.

Over the past few weeks—several have commented on ‘Why do you need matching socks?” (Teabird was the most recent—posting yesterday)

So many say “I don’t worry about it”.

But –life style is part of the issue.

Do you tend to wear slacks or pants? To leave the house and hop in the car, drive to work and then sit behind a desk a good part of the day? –A situation where most people won’t see or notice your socks?

I tend to dress in skirts—(and some jumpers) so right away--my socks are much more noticeable. When I leave the house, I walk 2 blocks to the subway—and take 2 subways (changing trains at Times Square-a blocks walk underground) and then exiting the subway, I walk 2 more blocks. (And then, yes, I do spend a good deal of my working day behind a desk)

My socks are seen! And sometimes pointed out—when I am knitting on the subway observers often ask “what are you knitting?”-- I answers socks (and hold the knitting so it becomes evident (if working top down, I hold the socks from the cuff)—and then I point out that I am wearing hand knit socks.

It doesn’t matter much if your socks don’t match with pants -- or if you wear boots, or hi-tops con’s. (is that the right term? Con’s stands for Converse brand sneakers (my boss has a beautiful pair covered with blue sequins!) –And hi-top –well that is self evident! Like denim—hi-top con’s are just normal in some circles!—but I don’t think the term hi-top con’s is still part of the current vernacular!)

And it doesn’t matter much if your socks don't match your outfit if your routine commute is a private vehicle—with very little walking in very public spaces.

But if you are walking, and riding in public—what you wear is so much more evident—and it matters more. I am not super obsessive—and demanding that socks are total co-ordinated. But they should match—to some degree!

Today—I have on red shoes—and socks in a red variegated yarn—(shades of light, medium and dark red)—my skirt is navy background –with a small floral print—with red (shaded from light pink to dark red) flowers, some blue ones, and some pansy like flowers in red, gold and blue—the greenery is all a shade of light olive.

For a top, I have a Pink T-shirt. The pink matches the pinkish red found in the flowers—but the socks with the shades of red also match—the pink T is more a light red than the traditional pink—The shoes and socks are great together—and go well with the skirt. The T is also a good go-together with the skirt--But the T isn’t a very good match to the shoes and socks (but they are far apart!).

Overall—they all work—with out being too matchy-matchy—or too mismatched!


JelliDonut said...

My daughter doesn't care about whether or not her socks match and I do, so we have a win/win situation when I make a pair of socks that don't match. One of us will like them.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I love the little beads!