Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Oh Happy Days!

A week or so ago (here) I posted about frogging a half knit pair of socks—2 years in progress and not finished.

Since then, I’ve knit one pair of socks, and I have turned the corner (Heel that is!) on another. The last few round of beading was added, the flap knit, the heel turned, stitches picked up, and the first 2 rounds of the gussets completed.
--All this done on socks I started to knit Saturday.

These socks are taking longer than the Cross Purpose Cyan –but they are different—the finer yarn and needles (1.5 –(2.5mm)—not size 2) and a whopping 72 stitches (not 60) and the beading…all make for more work per round.

I am not complaining—and not in a race—so it doesn’t really matter how long it takes to complete them. I am (amazing enough) still enjoying knitting them.

Normally—I try switch yarn, (solid/stripes/jacquards) and stitches (simple then a bit more complex) and styles (sometime making toe up socks, sometimes cuff down)—Because knitting the same thing, again and again.. well bores me!

And despite difference in color ways and gauge-and the beading—these socks are the same basic design as the Cross Purpose ones.

It’s just that the Cross Purpose Socks are –to my thinking—a perfectly wonderful design—simple—and lively at the same time—and these Beaded Beauties are perfection. Nothing really special--not the yarn, not the stitch pattern --not even the beads, really. But they all come together to make the loveliest of socks!

It’s been a bunch of happy days weather-wise too.

A new weather trend--in the past few years-- have been summer like interludes in April—and that’s what it has been—Summery.

Above average temps --this morning started at 69°--about 10 degrees warmer than the expected average high (59/60° -(circa 16°C) and its expected to reach 80°—a high normally expected in the first week in June.

Everywhere—buds are breaking on trees—and more than a few have burst into bloom.

Many a visitor to NYC is surprised by NY’s greenery --and it’s not enough—the mayor has launched a million new trees initiative—to provide even more.

There is a lively mixture too—small flowering ornamentals—crab apples, ornamental cherry’s, dogwoods— and here and there some of the hardier varieties of magnolias—sit side by side with tall robust trees like the airy locust –a thornless variety, shady maples, feather fern like gingkos—and in the parks—majestic tulip trees, oaks and evergreens.

I am pretty certain these trees are flowering Callary pears—(the fruit is raisin sized—and eaten by birds)—I don’t know that the pink flowers above are—maybe a crab apple--and almost directly across from the store window--directly in my line of sight!

In a day or two—the street will be littered with a snow of fallen petals—but for now—Oh happy Days!

(Looking up through the canopy of flowers.)


teabird said...

I'm the same as newbies: when I go into Manhattan and come across a stand of beautiful trees, I'm amazed -- also grateful --
These are really lovely photos, Helen!

FuguesStateKnits said...

Now you're really making me homesick! But a short hour away in D.C. they do have those beautiful cherry blossoms! But the people are soooo different than good old NY! Love those socks - are they your own pattern?
Joan a/k/a fuguestateknits

JelliDonut said...

We had more snow last night and this morning. I'm knitting socks too and thinking I need to move. Enough with the winter already!

Melissa said...

We're experiencing the summer type weather here in GA as well. And the pollen! Ugh. Already at the "very high" levels. Can't believe there are places where it is still snowing! lol