Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sock Hop.

In which we hop over the subject of sock, for the moment, and blog about something else.

Like, I dunno, a Clown Barf Scarf? Still not done (redone!) but getting there. Part of the cause –for the lack of progress is, well, been there, done that. It was fun to knit the first time round, now, it's a chore.

Books, and other distractions have been more appealing. But it will be a nice summer scarf. So I worked on it a bit again, (finally!) last night.

It will be a big V. The almost M fold is to squeeze the image into a compact shape. The V can (and will be) worn in front, with the long ends wrapped in back and brought forward again. And the V can (and will be)worn in back, with the front ends crossed and loosely tied or pinned.

That's it—there isn't much to this scarf; not progress or enthusiasm or dramatic design or anything else. Just some knitting.

The aqua stripe socks? 4 inches done, 3 more inches, a stripe and toes. I think I will finish by the end of the month (Friday Evening!) —and will have to plan something for next month--something not NOT aqua, or teal, of turquoise.

Maybe blue, or more likely some thing red violet (but not the newest sock yarn!)or peachy orange, or maybe even some pink!

At the end of May, Lion Brand Studio is having a Socktacular--and a sock photo contest. They don't say what the prize is; but, Gee, I like the red/red hots and the yellow/lemon drops colorways of their Sock Ease yarn, —though I would be quite happy with an other set of Hiya Hiya circular needles in some under represented size—like 1.5 (2.5mm)-- in my stock of circ's.
I have lots of socks knit with Lion Brand Sock yarns to photograph and enter.

First, I have almost a dozen pairs socks knit with the (old) Lion Brand Magic Stripes, (and I still have a few more skein of the stuff!)--I got 20 skeins some 5 years ago—some damaged, some in really ugly color ways, several in duplicate colorways—each skein was $0.50—yes, you heard that right, fifty cents! I swapped some of the yarn, and gifted some of it, and I still have more!

I only have one pair knit with the new Sock Ease—my simple grey (rock candy color way) ones.
So maybe a new pair of socks from Sock Ease for the event. I am going to be knitting socks anyway!

I have 3 more skeins of the Sock Ease, in 3 different color ways;—pink/cotton candy, taupe/toffee, and bluish/taffy. The pink is already divided into 2 skeins—making it the most likely candidate.

Saturday, May 1st, (my birthday) I'll be knitting on the Q train. Heading first from Queens to midtown, then joining up with a bunch of other knitter and taking over most of a single car of the subway, knitting our way to Coney Island—and then back again.

Do you want to come too? You can! There is more info in the SUBWAY knitters thread over on Ravelry. I haven't been to Coney Island for years—and the weather is promising to co-operate.

It should be a nice sunny day—and almost 80°. Time to break out the sunscreen, shades and a sun hat! I don't know if I will walk down to the waters edge and tuck my toes in –for the first time this season, or I will spend my time enjoying the sights and other attracations (Nathan's, anyone?) of Coney Island.

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JelliDonut said...

Happy early birthday! I hope you have a fantastic day.