Monday, April 12, 2010

Sock it to me.

Ok, it’s not yet the ides, (and yes, I know the ides of March falls on the 15, but the ides of April doesn’t!)—and here I am, 3 inches (of, all in all, about 18 inches) into my forth pair of sock for the month—even if these socks take twice as long as the Beaded Beauties—they will still be finished before the month is out.

3 inches isn’t a lot of progress—there are things to do(there are?!) besides knitting—you know dusting, and cleaning, and all sorts of normal everyday chores. And this past weekend I did some-(not nearly enough, but...)

When I finally got around to checking the cuff—which looked right—it was—as I expected 1.5 inches. I don’t always make a 1.5 inch cuff—but most often-- 1.5 inch cuffs just looks right to me.

I’ve gone beyond the first few rounds—and doubled the length(more than 3 inches, but not quite 4) —and I am loving the results. I have skipped over this stitch pattern I don’t know how many times--and now—I think I am going to use it for my next few socks—or if not the NEXT few—again—(and again!)

I love how it breaks up the lines of the stripes—and softens them. But I think it would be very pretty in a solid or near solid—when the rippling waves of the stitch pattern would predominate—and then there is the skein of hand painted sock yarn that I have–a riot of colors that could end looking like clown barf—I think this pattern would work with that yarn, too.

I wasn’t lucky enough to get dozens of remaindered egg dying kits--but I did get a few—and some skeins of near white (ivory/muslin) yarn are going to become more colorful this week too.

1 skein will become a solid green—some of which will be used as the G of Roy G Biv socks I plan to knit. And then the remainder? Who knows! Mixed with other left over bits in a stripe or for a cuff or something.

Another skein will be a turquoise/purple color way –a hot combo for this season—and one I particularly like—and already own some outfits in.

The 3rd skein will be a –I dunno! Maybe a deep teal, or maybe an other shade of purple—maybe a solid, or maybe a semi solid.. (maybe I need another skein of near white—and a skein of each color!)--something to mix with the turquoise/purple color way in stripes or slip stitch pattern.

I'll end up with several full or partial skeins of various purple--stripes or cuffs, or some bit of contrast for some other color.. (Oh and there is the skein of hand painted sock yarn in the Iris color way--it's on my swift now--waiting to be wound into cake (or more likely 2 cakes!) of yarn--Yet more sock yarn!)

One of my 4 (FOUR!) skeins of orange sock yarn (2 purchased for under a $1—a price too good to pass up no matter what the color!) will be over-dyed with a rose—and say a prayer for a beautiful shade of coral—I am not going to try for an even color, but rather work at an uneven semi solid shade—some areas deep rose, some areas coral, some almost the base orange. Coral is a color that I love (and that loves me) I have nothing against orange—but not a becoming color on me—and I just don’t wear it!
And sometime soon—(I feel it coming!) I am going to take a break from sock knitting and do something else!--I don't know what--but even I get socked out!

These flowering trees are this weeks treat--they are in the Broadway Mall--this image is looking uptown from 101 Street.

Last week's tree with its dark pinks blossoms, have faded away and been replaced with newly emerging leaves.

These trees (I have no idea what they are) had buds of a deep cherry pink--when closed. Now, open, they are almost white and there are tulips everywhere, in every color.


Virginia G said...

According to New York Magazine, the flowering white trees are blooming pear trees. They called them "ubiquitous" and I tend to agree. They're everywhere! (and really pretty)

Melissa said...

As long as they aren't Bradford pear trees. Those things stink to high heaven. We have them here and they smell like rotting fish. Pretty but stinky!